Truck Stop – Cover

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Truck Stop

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Designed by Steve Jackson * Cover art by David Martin
Illustrated by Denis Loubet

45 pages. PDF. * Price $4.00 * Stock number 30-7103
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24 pages, one 21" × 32" map, 37 full-color counters, and ziplock bag.
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Knights of the Road

"Junction Base to Crazy Eddie. You read me, Eddie?"
"Ten-four, Junction. Read you loud and clear. 'Scuse me for not answering you before. Got a little dust-up here."
"You in trouble, Eddie?"
"Nothing we can't handle. Half-dozen cycles and a couple of cars. Steamrollered one of them, smoked three more so far. Bunch of amateurs."
"Okay, Eddie. See you when you get in."

Starting with the publication of the original Car Wars game, autoduellists everywhere demanded rules for the big trucks . . . and here they are.

Truck Stop is a Car Wars supplement; you will need the original Car Wars rules to play. Truck Stop gives you movement and combat rules for 18-wheelers, regular and wreck counters for a variety of big rigs, and a map of a typical fortified truck stop in the America of 2033.

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  • Just looking for counters? These and more are part of Expansion Set 2.