Uncle Albert's Auto and Gunnery Shop – 2035 Catalog – Cover

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Uncle Albert's Auto and Gunnery Shop – 2035 Catalog – 1985 Origins Nominee

Origins Nominee for Best Roleplaying Supplement of 1985

Uncle Albert's Auto and Gunnery Shop – 2035 Catalog

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Written by Scott D. Haring, Martha Ladyman, Jim Gould, Allen Varney, and Steve Jackson
Illustrated by Kyle Miller, Denis Loubet, J. David George, Kim Strombo, Jeff Hayes, Susan van Camp, Graham Chaffee, C. Mara Lee, Dan Willems, and Pat Zircher

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Uncle Al – The Duellist's Pal!™

Uncle Albert™ gives you the weapons, gadgets, and accessories you need for your Car Wars battles!

Since 2027, Uncle Albert's™ Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop has given autoduellists everywhere the state-of-the-art weaponry, defenses, and accessories they've come to depend on for success in the arena and survival on the road. Now Uncle Albert proudly presents his newest, largest, most up-to-date catalog of items for the discriminating duellist! Here, grouped into four easy-to-find categories – Offense, Defense, Accessories, and Personal Items – are the ram plates, radios, radar, flamethrowers, fireproof armor, targeting scopes, tank guns, and other old favorites that have achieved international popularity. And wait till you see our new research breakthroughs, scattered throughout the catalog! They're all fully tested – and guaranteed!

Important Note: Uncle Albert wishes every civic-minded duellist to observe local weapon and duelling laws when purchasing and using any of this equipment. Uncle Albert cannot take responsibility for unlawful use of this merchandise.

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