The AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 2 – Cover

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The AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 2

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Written by Ken Scott * Cover art by Denis Loubet * Illustrated by Denis Loubet
Edited by W.G. Armintrout, Stephen Beeman, Scott D. Haring, David Ladyman, and Mike Moe

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Know Your Enemy . . . Again!

Technology does not stand still. New models, new configurations of familiar models, and new vehicle accessories continue to revolutionize the field of autoduelling. For this reason, the AADA has chosen to publish The AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 2. This handy guide includes:

  • Over 130 more Car Wars vehicle designs – each fully described and illustrated
  • Over 100 options, and in-depth guidelines for customizing your own
  • Stats for Sedan and Camper body types
  • Comprehensive index of Car Wars vehicles ever published, from the first ADQ to The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide: Volume Four

With this guide, you can once more keep the pedal to the pavement and your finger on the trigger. Stay safe!

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