Chez Geek First Edition FAQ

Last updated 12/29/00

Before you get into the meat of this FAQ, I would like to put in a word about house rules. Create them! Use them! It's fun! This game was invented by a bunch of guys sitting around their living room. It's casual, and open to interpretation. We have created a few optional rules, but they are not the be-all and end-all. Have fun tailoring the game to your particular bunch of whacky roommates.

Alain H. Dawson, Chez Geek Developer

Q: When exactly is income received, and how does it work?

A: You receive Income at the beginning of your turn, and lose all unused Income at the end of your turn. Income can only be used for three things: paying for Things (Shopping), paying for Activities, and paying off negative Whenever cards, such as Tuition Due. If you choose to use the borrowing rule (see optional rules), Income may be exchanged with other players.

Q: If someone cancels an Activity card or session of Buying Things, do I lose the Free Time that I was using?

A: Yes, you lose the Free Time. If he cancels an Activity, that card is also discarded. Thing cards go back in your hand if you are prevented from Buying Things.

Q: If someone cancels the "Buying Things" activity (called Shopping in Chez Geek Second Edition), can I spend another Free Time (if available) to try and Buy Things again?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I lose the Income I was going to spend to Buy Things?

A: No. If Buying Things (Shopping) is canceled, you simply lose a Free Time. You went to the store, but they didn't have what you want. Aww, too bad.

Q: Can Brain Fart cancel Buying Things?

A: No. It only cancels Activities, which are a specific class of card (the red ones).

Q: Can I play Sloths: Nature's Sedatives (can be a TV or Sleep card) to cancel someone else's action, and can they use Garbage Truck or Moron with a Chainsaw to cancel it, even though it was played as a TV card?

A: Yes. In Chez Geek Second Edition, we changed the wording to Sleep and TV, to make that clear. It works like Hash Brownies, which is another hybrid card (Food and Weed).

Q: Can I use Sucks to be You to remove someone's Tattoo?

A: Yes. In playtesting, we assumed that some disfiguring accident got rid of the tattoo. That really would suck.

Q: Can I get rid of other uninvited guests besides Hungry Girl, Choad Warrior, or Clumsy Drunk by rolling the die, or are they the only ones subject to the die rule?

A: You may roll to get rid of any unwanted Person. (See the updated rules.)

Q: I got stuck with You're Fired! for seven turns, and I had no way to win the game. Is there a way to avoid this?

A: We have updated the You're Fired! rules in the second edition so that it isn't so disruptive to the game. The new text reads:

This card may not be played on Slacker, Drummer, or Temp. Discard your Job card; until you get a new one, you have no Slack goal and cannot win. On your next turn, you may do nothing except draw a new Job card.

This change means that no one is without a Job for more than one turn. We recommend that people with the first edition game use this rule for You're Fired!

Q: If I got extra Slack on some cards because of my Job, and I get a different Job, do I lose the extra Slack?

A: No. Any Slack bonuses you got while doing a certain Job remain when that Job goes, but you don't get any more of those bonuses (unless you get the same Job again).

The converse is also true. You do not get extra Slack retroactively when you get a new Job. For instance, if you get a new job and draw Waitstaff, you only get extra Slack on subsequent Sleep cards you play.

Chez Geek Second Edition FAQ

Q: What's the difference between Buying Things and Shopping?

A: None. They mean the same thing. We thought Shopping was a better term, helping to make it clear that you can buy multiple Things during one Free Time, so we changed it in the second edition.

Q: Why isn't there a Sci-Fi Drinking Game card in my Chez Geek Second Edition deck?

A: We decided to cut that card, and we added a blank card that can be customized to suit your own gaming group.

Cards that have changed in the second edition:

(Slight changes of wording are not noted, only changes that affect the rules)

Sloths: Nature's Sedatives (TV and Sleep)

Keg on Porch

There's nothing like a keg to lure people over. Choose any Person except animals or Psycho Ex from the discard pile and put that Person in any room you choose. No roll is required.

Sci-Fi Drinking Game (no longer in deck)

You're Fired!

This card may not be played on Slacker, Drummer, or Temp. Discard your Job card; until you get a new one, you have no Slack goal and cannot win. On your next turn, you may do nothing except draw a new Job card.

No Job (now called Slacker)

Can't Handle It Guy

Can't Handle It Guy will only enter a room containing either a Booze card or a Weed card. Can't Handle It Guy reduces the Slack of all Booze and Weed in the room to zero.

Lord Yahoo

Lord Yahoo will only go to a room with at least one RPGs card. He reduces the Slack of RPGs to zero while he is in the room.

Guy on Couch

Play Guy on Couch into your room at any time, without rolling. Starting on the next player's turn, though, he will go away if there are no other Person cards in play – and he will always move immediately to the room with the most Person cards at the moment (settle ties by rolling; remember that animals are people).