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Convention Registry

Directions (Important!)

This form allows you to add your con to our online convention list. This will advertise it to approximately a million billion people, or at least everyone who checks the listing . . .

All submissions are reviewed by SJ Games Staff before posting to the convention list. Spam will be deleted.

Steve Jackson Games will use the information provided on this form to be in touch with you and provide updates and marketing and provide your convention information to visitors to our website.

The form is mind-bogglingly easy to use. Just fill in the applicable data and hit the Register Convention button. The computer does the rest.

We will happily add all game conventions to the registry, no matter how late you send in the info. However, for anything else (guests, support, merchandise swaps), you need to give us proper warning:

  1. This form must be entered one month before your con if it is in the continental USA, two months if in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada, and four months if anywhere outside North America.
  2. If you are asking us to send a Steve Jackson Games representative, please return the form AT LEAST four months in advance (and usually further in advance is better). Please also read our guidelines for requesting a guest for your convention.

Feel free to email to check on the status of your convention.

Note that some of the fields below are marked with an asterisk (*). This means the field is processed by our script to make adding your convention to our list a lot easier.

If you wish to request prize support, charity auction donations, or have an advertising swap arrangement please send a request at least one month (two for foriegn/non-continental US) in advance to This request should include estimated attendance, what type of SJG events are being held and how many so we can tailor our prize support pack to your events. Please provide your SHIPPING address for UPS (domestic) or postal address (foreign).

Special Instructions:

  • If your convention doesn't have a home page, leave that field blank.
  • If there IS a home page, enter only ONE complete URL.
  • The same goes for the email address; leave it blank if you don't have one . . . otherwise enter the PRIMARY mail address.
  • If the convention is outside the US, add the country after the state/province in the State/Province field.
  • We will NOT ship MUCH to a PO Box within the United States (this is your warning).
  • Your street address must include "Street," "Road," "Way," "Place," "Court" etc if applicable. It is almost always applicable.
  • A Phone number is Mandatory for Foreign shipments.
  • A Phone number is Extremely Helpful for Domestic shipments.
* Required
(if applicable)
* Required
* Required
Start Date * Required
End Date * Required

Primary Contact for the convention

(Name of contact and Email link will be public info with the convention listing)

* Required Actual name or position may be used (ex: Event Organizer)
* Required
* Required


Please check all that apply

  1. We are interested in recieving support from our MIB Demo Team.
  2. We are interested in hosting an SJ Games staff member as a special guest

  3. We accept merchandise for program book ads.


Steve Jackson Games
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