Zombie Dice FAQ

Q. Why do I always get shotgunned?
A. Possibly the dice hate you. Possibly you're not paying enough attention to the runners. If you have even one red runner, you have a 50-50 chance of sucking up a shotgun next turn. So if you have two shotguns and a red runner, you should quit unless somebody else is about to win anyway. Following that one rule will save you a lot of braiiinnnns.

Q. Are you going to do more dice games?
A. We hope so. This one was a lot of fun to do. Tell all your friends to buy it.

Q. Braaaaainnnns?

That's something every zombie should know. Now: Jump to here for questions about the Zombie Dice App, or keep reading for questions about the physical dice game.

Q. I lost a die! My game is ruined? What do I do?
A. The game is not ruined. You've just changed the balance a little. If you lose a red die, it's easier to get to 13 brains. If you lose a green die, it's harder. If you lose a yellow die, the overall odds don't change much, but luck plays a greater part.

Q. How can I change the game balance?
A. Take out one of the dice. See above.

Q. How can I cheat?
A. If you can palm a green die and switch it in when you are drawing from the cup, you can totally own the other players. And when you get shotgunned for real, don't come crying to us.

Q. What's the most I can play with?
A. Any number. Millions. There's no limit until you die of old age before your turn comes again. Our own games usually top off at about eight players, but if you have fun with more, go for it.

Q. If I get enough brains, I'll run out of dice. When do I refill the cup?
A. Refill it before you roll if there are two or fewer dice in the cup. (It doesn't matter how many you'd be rerolling that turn.) Make a note of how many brains you have, and put all the brains back into the cup. Leave your shotguns in front of you.

Q: The rules say to play until someone reaches 13 brains. Can a player continue to roll and get higher than 13, or does their turn end immediately once they get to 13?
A: They can continue to roll, and in fact, should – unless they're the last player. Of course, if they get three shotguns, they lose any brains they haven't banked.

Q: Once a player banks 13 or more brains, what happens?
A: All players get an equal number of turns to tie or beat the score that triggered the end-game. For instance, in a six-player game, if player A starts the game (the play continues in alphabetical order), and Player C hits 13 brains, then Players D, E, and F would all have one more turn to attempt to tie or exceed Player C's score. Players A and B do not.

Zombie Dice on your iPhone!FAQ about the Zombie Dice App

Q. Do you have a free iPhone/iPad/Windows Phone app for this game, with artificial zombie intelligence, creepy sound, and disgusting animations?
A. Why, yes. Yes, we do. Right here.

Q. My app crashed!
A. It's not supposed to do that. Braaiiiinnnnnns. If you have a jailbroken phone, we can't help. If you do NOT have a jailbroken phone, we would like to know as much as possible about how you got it to crash, especially if you can make the problem repeat! Send as much info as you can to the zombie expert at apps@sjgames.com.

Q. How can you make money with a free app?
A. We make it up in volume. Also, we hope you'll upgrade to the even awesomer full version, which is as cheap as an app can be – 99 cents.

Q. Will the Zombie Dice app be available for other devices?
A. We are looking at proposals right now for Android, but nothing has been signed yet.

An Infrequently Asked Question About the Zombie Dice App

Q. I paid for the full version but it reverted to the free version!
A. We have had a couple of reports of this, and we've seen it a couple of times ourselves on apps from other sources. It seems to be a device glitch, and if you go back to the "Upgrade" screen, you can click on "Restore" to restore your app to the full version. If this doesn't fix it for you, email apps@sjgames.com.

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