Collector Information

Dino Hunt is both a game and a collector card set (complete card list). 240 different gold-bordered cards, featuring high-quality art, are available in the Booster Packs. These include Limited versions of the 150 collectible cards in the boxed game, and 131 brand-new cards.

Note that game players cannot get an advantage by buying these cards, because it's a common-deck game. When gamers buy the booster packs, it will just be for the fun of playing with new and different cards.

Collectibility: Limited Edition

The cards in the booster packs are the 1996 Limited Edition. They will be printed only in 1996. They will have gold borders and the date on the back.

Right now it looks as though we will print only 3 million, though if there are large re-orders in 1996 we will go back to press. However, once 1996 is over, these gold-bordered cards won't be reprinted.

And, if this set is the hit we expect it to be, we'll do another edition. All the art will change, so both the old and the new cards will remain collectible! We'll update the dinosaur facts and add cards for new creatures, so Dino Hunt will remain a living, growing hobby and reference work.


The 240 cards are divided as follows:

  • 80 Commons (mostly herbivores)
  • 80 Uncommons (mostly Specials)
  • 70 Rares (mostly carnivores and giant sauropods)
  • 10 ultra-rare foil chase cards

The Chase Cards

There will be ten different foil chase cards, with beautiful photographic illustrations of fossils. Frequency on these will be one per every 40 packs. Since there are 40 packs to a POP, then on the average each POP will contain one foil card. (We are working with the assembly plant to see if we can make that EXACTLY one foil card per POP, but we can't yet promise that.)

But, as a bonus, we are inserting one EXTRA foil card, loose, on the bottom of each full POP. So if you buy a factory-sealed POP, you will get the bonus card . . . and in all probability, one of your boosters will also include a foil card. (Retailers who open a POP for individual sales will be able to keep that foil card and use it as they like . . . as a customer prize, for instance.)


We want this to be an easy set to collect, and not a burden on retailers. So each five-card booster pack has a suggested retail price of 99 cents.

Each POP display contains only 40 boosters, so its suggested retail (bonus foil card included) is just $39.60. Serious collectors can easily afford a POP to start with. And remember, your extra Commons will be great gifts for the kids you know, whether they play games or not!

Educational Value

These cards aren't just pretty – they're educational. If you know a young collector, this is a great set to start them on. Kids want to learn about dinosaurs, and with this game, they get the most up-to-date facts. Each set includes 109 large, full-color cards, with beautiful, scientifically accurate pictures of different prehistoric animals. The back of each dinosaur card includes lots of information about that species . . . what it ate, the meaning and pronunciation of its name, as well as size, habitat, and interesting facts. All this information is presented in a clear, readable manner that does not "talk down" to the bright kids who will be playing the game!

To insure that the cards are completely correct, they have been submitted to a panel of professional palaeontologists for fact-checking. We want these cards to be right.

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