"Dino Hunt may be the first game that successfully crosses the age boundaries, remaining as fun to a 34 year-old as it is for a nine year-old . . . Once again, Steve Jackson Games produces a high-quality, well-balanced, elegantly-designed game that's major fun to play."

Mr. Games, May 1997

". . . as warm-blooded and fast-paced as its saurian stars."

Beth Fischi, The Duelist, April 1997

"This time-traveling safari delivers much fun via rubber dinosaur tokens, wonderfully executed artwork and droll text ("On a very bad roll, [the dinosaur] can attack your party . . . this is a good time for all the other players to growl, 'Yaargh!'") . . . One of the best, best, absolutely best elements of the game is its dinosaur data. In terms of scientific accuracy, this is no Tyrannosaurus vs. Brontosaurus Land of the Lost – Dino Hunt gets everything right . . . Although this game is for folks eight years old and up, it will have a strong pull for older players because of its potent ingredients: superb art, good concept, strong science and fantastically awesome dinosaurs."

Tamara I. Hladik, Science Fiction Weekly, Issue #36

The April 1997 issue of Games magazine reviews Dino Hunt in their "Games & Books" section. Reviewer John Chaneski called it an "exciting, clever game" and especially liked all the scientific info on the cards.

And David Millians, in Games & Education, says "If you are teaching or enjoying dinosaurs, this is the game you have been seeking!"

"Dino Hunt from Steve Jackson Games stands out from most dinosaur games, though, in that a real effort has been made to make the game not only fun, but scientifically accurate. . . for anyone with children who love dinosaurs it would make a great gift, and one with a little more educational value than most games."

Arcane, Issue #15, January 1997

"When I first opened the box and looked through the rules, I thought, "Hmm, looks a little too simple. My group won't like it."

"Boy, was I wrong.

"This is an excellent game [with] some subtle strategy that you might miss at first glance. We play it while we're waiting for everyone to show up for our weekly RPG group, and we have a lot of fun with it.

"Even better, this is a game with equal enjoyment value for children and adults. I play this with both the grownups and my 8 year old daughter, and it's fun for all involved."

Tom Grant, game review on, Oct. 28, 1996

"The information and illustrated reconstruction of each prehistoric animal seems to be very accurate . . . we think Dino Hunt is just great. You, your kids or entire family can learn and have fun while playing."

Mike Fredericks, Prehistoric Times #21, November-December 1996

"Steve Jackson Games' Dino-Hunt is also going to be a winner. [It's] . . . perfect to fulfill the Dinosaur fantasies of every kid in America. Of course, with Jurassic Park II out there on the horizon, this game is perfectly positioned to feed off the coming dinomania . . ."

Mike Stackpole, Comics Retailer, May 1996

"Dino Hunt [is] . . . unlike any other game on the market.

"Each card gives scientifically accurate information on the dinosaur and includes an illustration by one of the leading dino-artists in the world. This game has real mass market potential . . ."

Capital City Internal Correspondence, June 1996

"Dino Hunt is . . . that all too rare commodity – a game that can be played and enjoyed by adults and kids, either separately or together, and which will probably teach you something while you are at it."

Mike Siggins, The Game Cabinet, December 1996

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