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Submitting Errata Reports

So, you've found an erratum! Congratulations, and thanks for wanting to report it to us so we can let everyone know about it.

First, make sure you've got an erratum. Rules questions, suggestions for future editions or expansions, requests for information about Steve Jackson Games, etc., aren't errata. There are other places to send those, and they'll reach the proper ears sooner if they don't have to sit in the Errata Coordinator's mailbox first. Check out the netreps page to find out where to send your questions or comments.

Mistakes in web pages should be brought to the attention of the webmaster.

Errors in Pyramid or JTAS articles should be mailed to the Pyramid Editor or JTAS Editor.

Problems with bindings and printing errors (blank pages, duplicated pages) should be brought to the attention of customer service.

If you have spotted an actual error in a game, please check the errata pages first to see if it's already listed. If it's not, just fill in the form below and press Send. You can send in multiple errata for a single product at once, but it's easier if you keep errata for different products in separate messages. Thanks!

Product Title:

Examples: Munchkin Quest 2, GURPS Banestorm, Castellan.

The edition and printing can be found on your product.


Description of Error:

Your Name:

Your Email Address:

Press "Submit" to send your errata to the Errata Coordinator:

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