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Our Netreps and FAQ-Keepers

Last updated September 8, 2023

Steve Jackson Games could not support its games nearly as well as it does without the efforts of many volunteers . . . people who contribute their time just because they love gaming.

Among these volunteers are our online representatives. The purpose of this page is to list them, and to thank them!

The netreps are responsible for answering questions and comments posted on our forums, mailing lists, and other networks. We do NOT expect them to answer individual questions in email – please post your question to a public area so everyone can benefit. Answers given by the netreps are official (and if the question is a hard one, you can trust them to run it by the SJ Games braintrust before posting a reply).

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file is a collection of common questions about a subject, and the answers. Please read the FAQ on a game before you post questions about it. If you would like to suggest an addition to a FAQ – another question, or a better answer than the one we have – please send it to the FAQ-keeper.

GURPS Forums moderator: Scott Anderson (sjard)
GURPS FAQ Keeper: Vicky "Molokh" Kolenko

NetCell: MIB Control (Cell Leader)

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