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Welcome to the Generic Universal RolePlaying System!

With GURPS, you can be anyone you want – an elf hero fighting for the forces of good, a shadowy femme fatale on a deep-cover mission, a futuristic swashbuckler carving up foes with a force sword in his hand and a beautiful woman by his side . . . or literally anything else! Thanks to its flexibility, quality writing, and ease of use, GURPS has been the premiere universal roleplaying game for over three decades!

More than 1,500,000 copies are in print – not counting foreign editions. GURPS Lite, a 32-page distillation of the basic GURPS rules, is available for free download. We also have dozens of GURPS adventures and e-books available on Warehouse 23.

Whatever your favorite roleplaying genre might be, GURPS can handle it. More about GURPS . . .

New GURPS Releases

Here are the last 15 GURPS supplements (including reprints and new editions) we have released, either in print or electronically. Click on a cover to go to that product's page.

GURPS Action 9: The City GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 3: Deep Night and the Star GURPS Template Toolkit 3: Starship Crew GURPS Hot Spots: The Incense Trail GURPS Action 6: Tricked-Out Rides
GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves GURPS Future History Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game (Prerelease Edition) GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 5: Demons How to Be a GURPS GM: Managing Expectations
GURPS Realm Management GURPS Magical Styles: Horror Magic GURPS Classic: Space GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 4: Mixed Blessings GURPS Goblins


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November 30, 2021: Giving Thanks (And Waiting For Snow)

Due to its celebrations and commemorations – and those that follow it – November is a month when we think more thankful thoughts than usual. Or at least holiday thoughts. But as a denizen of the Great White North, my thoughts are mainly of scarves, heavy boots, snow shovels, deicer, and making sure the windows seal properly! Which doesn't mean I don't think GURPS thoughts . . .

Recent Releases

November came with two more GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge items and a completely new volume.

GURPS Template Toolkit 3: Starship Crew GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 3: Deep Night and the Star GURPS Action 9: The City

GURPS Template Toolkit 3: Starship Crew (November 4, 2021; PDF)

Starships are a big deal in many futuristic settings. They're often flashy enough to overshadow those who crew them . . . unless those people are so capable that their heroics win back the spotlight. This integrated set of character templates aims to help with that. It's consistent with GURPS Spaceships, but flexible enough to work with any mix of tech assumptions, power levels, and realism levels. And as is our custom, we didn't fire off a spread of stats and hope for a hit – there's plenty of advice on using everything.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 3: Deep Night and the Star (November 18, 2021; PDF)

Speaking of space, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventures machine Matt Riggsby takes you there in his latest outing. Your conveyance is more a ship ship (well, kind of) than a starship, but you'll be asking an age-old question: What's between the stars? Trouble . . . but then, you knew that already! The question is whether your heroes have what it takes to boldly go where no delvers have gone before, kill what they find, and take its stuff. Oh, and save the world.

GURPS Action 9: The City (November 24, 2021; PDF)

GURPS Action tries to keep things more down to Earth . . . except when the heroes fire two guns whilst jumping through the air, hit a ramp during a high-speed chase, or engage in rooftop parkour. And most of that happens in places that have suitable scenery, traditionally the city. What this handy guide does is reimagine all the information in GURPS City Stats in terms of what it can do for ready-to-rock adventure.

Nordlond Bestiary and Enemies BookNordlond Bestiary and Enemies Book
The Nordlond Bestiary and Enemies Book Kickstarter for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game is in full swing. Ever wanted a bestiary for your fantasy campaigns? Well, here you go. Act fast . . . time's up on December 7!

Upcoming Plans

And now for our feature presentation: baseless speculation! Okay, the speculation is informed by inside knowledge, but my usual disclaimer still holds, which is that the list below is honest about progress but cannot promise dates. While things nearer the top are closer to being ready, real-world setbacks happen. Please bear that in mind.

Five other would-be bullet points are hidden due to your security clearance. I may or may not let slip details about those or anything else here in the GURPS thread in my blog. Lately I've been veering between Thursday evening and Friday morning with the updates.

Everything Old Is New Again Department
GURPS on Demand has also been very active since my last report! The Discworld Roleplaying Game is now available via that channel, and GURPS Ultra-Tech and GURPS Ultra-Tech 2 for Third Edition are up, too.

Join Us! Join Us!

If you've read this far, you know that there are many bottlenecks in our process just now. The reasons for this are good but not ones I can share at this time. Please consider taking advantage of the forced pause by digging into the Submission Guidelines, GURPS formatting guide, and GURPS WYSIWYG template, and by keeping your eye on the Warehouse 23 Digital Wish List (updated November 4, 2021) and Warehouse 23 Wish List for GURPS (updated November 4, 2021). A truly excellent proposal in 2022 is more interesting to us than a hasty one we can't act on right now!

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