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Welcome to the Generic Universal RolePlaying System!

With GURPS, you can be anyone you want – an elf hero fighting for the forces of good, a shadowy femme fatale on a deep-cover mission, a futuristic swashbuckler carving up foes with a force sword in his hand and a beautiful woman by his side . . . or literally anything else! Thanks to its flexibility, quality writing, and ease of use, GURPS has been the premiere universal roleplaying game for over three decades!

More than 1,500,000 copies are in print – not counting foreign editions. GURPS Lite, a 32-page distillation of the basic GURPS rules, is available for free download. We also have dozens of GURPS adventures and e-books available on Warehouse 23.

Whatever your favorite roleplaying genre might be, GURPS can handle it. More about GURPS . . .

New GURPS Releases

Here are the last 15 GURPS supplements (including reprints and new editions) we have released, either in print or electronically. Click on a cover to go to that product's page.

GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves GURPS Future History Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game (Prerelease Edition) GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 5: Demons How to Be a GURPS GM: Managing Expectations
GURPS Realm Management GURPS Magical Styles: Horror Magic GURPS Classic: Space GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 4: Mixed Blessings GURPS Goblins
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Encounters 3: The Carnival of Madness GURPS Grimoire GURPS Combat Cards GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Encounters 2: The Room GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Career Guide


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September 30, 2021: Serotinal-Autumnal Transition

GURPS Fantasy Folk: ElvesThat's a wordy, imprecise way of saying "September." Which is now over, giving way to the month mostly famous for its final day. It's also my favorite time of the year. Oh, and GURPS stuff happened, too!

Recent Releases

September brought one new GURPS-related item.

GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves (September 30, 2021; PDF)

It seems fitting that the first race covered by the long-awaited GURPS Fantasy Folk series is the "first race" of many fantasy worlds. Whether you prefer the take on elves in GURPS Banestorm, that found in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, or something else again, you're sure to get a lot of use out of this one.

Everything Old Is New Again Department
GURPS on Demand, like many elves, doesn't sleep and goes way back. This month brought GURPS Conan: Moon of Blood and GURPS Martial Arts for Third Edition. These will need some tweaking if you plan to use them with Fourth Edition.

Upcoming Plans

Now it's time to turn toward the future – to youthful things to come. Below are my customary hints, which come with my customary warning: Plans change, sometimes hourly, and dates are difficult or impossible to predict. All I can promise is that the closer something is to the top of this list, the nearer it is to being published.

  • Dungeon Fantasy Companion 3 remains in the post-production stage, awaiting publication plans.
  • GURPS Action 9, by y.t., has been laid out, illustrated, and proofed. It could crash through a plate-glass window at any moment.
  • Randy Huegele's GURPS Hot Spots: Sriwijaya is nearing the end of its scheduled editing period.
  • GURPS Infinite Worlds: Nightreign (by James Amaral & Joshua Lopez) and GURPS Vehicles: Biremes and Triremes (by Carolyn Stein & Stephen Kenneth Stein) are with their respective authors to create final drafts.
  • Christopher R. Rice's GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: Thieves is now in playtesting.
  • Not one but two first drafts in the GURPS Fantasy Folk series – one by Phil Masters, the other by Anders Starmark – wait in the playtest queue.
  • First drafts in the GURPS Loadouts series (Paul Stefko) and GURPS Template Toolkit series (Rory Fansler) are with their creators to revise for playtesting.

I could talk about six other projects, but I won't because their status is more tenuous than that of anything of the above. If you're hoping I might relent, keep an eye on the GURPS thread in my blog, updated at the end of each week.

Join Us! Join Us!

We have a fair bit of content awaiting either a playtest or an editor, and it'll probably take us until year's end to clear our desks, but that doesn't mean we're ignoring queries and proposals. It does mean that we're being strict about only looking at requests to work on the titles on the Warehouse 23 Digital Wish List (updated August 18, 2021) and Warehouse 23 Wish List for GURPS (updated August 18, 2021). It also means that we're being sticklers about holding would-be contributors to the Submission Guidelines, GURPS formatting guide, and GURPS WYSIWYG template.

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