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GURPS Hot Spots: Constantinople, 527-1204 A.D. – Cover

GURPS Hot Spots

Ready-made worlds (such GURPS Banestorm's Yrth) and universes (such as GURPS Infinite Worlds) can be a great help when setting up a campaign. Good ol' Earth has its charms, though. The catch is that it's so well known that covering everything would call for entire libraries full of supplements! And while historical worldbooks (Aztecs, Greece, Old West, etc.) provide good snapshots of particular times and places, their scope is still too broad if your goal is intimate familiarity with everything within a day's walk or ride – or when your campaign is in full swing and you want a smaller stage where adventures can play out in sharp focus.

The GURPS Hot Spots series aims to fill that niche. Each volume delves into Earth's past and picks an interesting locale of modest size – a city, principality, river valley, or other fairly contained geographical region – where movers and shakers play their roles in history-changing events. It provides an overview of the economic, military, and political climate that makes the spot ripe for adventure; details on people, places, and factions; maps; and a timeline of how it all actually unfolded. And it offers plenty of adventure ideas, whether the PCs are mighty kingmakers bent on changing history, loyal soldiers content to play their part in it, or opportunists who hope to get rich however things go.

Whether you enjoy historical gaming or seek exciting locations to adapt to imaginary worlds, be sure to keep an eye on this page for the hottest news . . . from the past!

GURPS Hot Spots: Constantinople, 527-1204 A.D.
527-1204 A.D.
GURPS Hot Spots: Renaissance Florence
Renaissance Florence
GURPS Hot Spots: Renaissance Venice
Renaissance Venice
GURPS Hot Spots: Sriwijaya
GURPS Hot Spots: The Incense Trail
The Incense Trail
GURPS Hot Spots: The Silk Road
The Silk Road

Hot Spots in Pyramid

Pyramid sometimes includes features for fans of historical gaming. One installment is of particular interest to Hot Spots readers.

Pyramid #3/117: Hot Spots (July 2018)
Issue #3/117

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