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Pyramid is the monthly PDF magazine for serious gamers, created by serious gamers. Each month, Pyramid delivers articles about a specific theme, from modern-day superheroes to post-apocalyptic gaming to magic on the battlefield. Most of Pyramid's articles are either generic, suitable for your game system of choice, or designed for GURPS, one of the best choices for serious gamers for over 20 years. We also feature humor, ready-to-print props and tools, and other diversions; we may be serious but we're fun, too.

Subscriptions to Pyramid are available in three-month, six-month, and twelve-month flavors.

Each issue of the new Pyramid is devoted to one of three general themes: past, present, and future. The most recent issue of Pyramid for each theme is:


Pyramid #3/87: Low-Tech III

Pyramid #3/87:
Low-Tech III

(January 2016)

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Pyramid #3/86: Organizations

Pyramid #3/86:

(December 2015)

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Pyramid #3/85: Cutting Edge

Pyramid #3/85:
Cutting Edge

(November 2015)

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