Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering

Errata Page

Updated September 6, 2007

Also see the errata for the PDF edition of the book.

P. 8. In the first paragraph, "Method actors and roleplayers" should be "Method actors and storytellers."

P. 9. The second full paragraph should end " . . . drive off tacticians, butt-kickers and casual gamers."

P. 12. "Setting" opens with "Having chosen a setting . . ." It should begin with "Having chosen a genre . . ."

P. 20. The page begins "For more branches in this flow-chart, see the diagram." The branching chart was inadvertently left out can be seen below:

P. 31. In the first column, change the third-to-last paragraph from "See the box (above)" to "See the box (p. 32)".

In the second column, replace "on p. 22" in the third-to-last paragraph with "above".

Under "Improvising Entire Adventures," in the first sentence: Strike the word "random" and replace it with "type of".

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