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Floor Plan 1: Haunted House

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Written by Philip Reed * Floor Plans by Heather Oliver
Edited by Alain H. Dawson * Cover design by Alex Fernandez
Cardboard Heroes by Tom Biondolillo, Alex Fernandez, and Denis Loubet

The mice play in the empty rooms, and the bats flit through the broken windows. The stairs squeak . . . even when no one is on them. And something is watching . . .

Lights in the upstairs windows . . . strange sounds . . . rumors of madness and death. Every horror game needs a haunted house.

Here is the first in a series of game aids suitable for use with GURPS and any other roleplaying game. This set includes eight sheets depicting a huge old house perfect for your next chilling scenario. One side has hexes, the other squares . . . so it will work for any system!

Also included: horror adventure seeds, and a sheet of all-new Cardboard Heroes miniatures created specifically for this terrifying set. Intrepid adventurers, chanting occultists, and brain-eating zombies . . . everyone you need for the perfect night of screams.

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