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The dentists' convention is radioactive and the playtester is frozen.

Steve Jackson Games

The Fnordcast is the official podcast from Steve Jackson Games. It brings you company propaganda, news from the world of games, geek culture, randomly illuminated stuff, and – of course – fnords.

October 15, 2008: Where's the Fnordcast?

A few of you have noticed there hasn't been a new Fnordcast in a while. However, most of you didn't notice. Which is why we stopped.

The fact is, we had a great time doing the Fnordcast. But everyone involved has multiple responsibilities, and "getting new products finished" trumps all else. In the end, we weren't reaching enough of an audience to justify the time it took to do the show.

Thanks for all those who did listen. We'll keep looking at new technologies for other opportunities, but for the Fnordcast, it's mothballs for now.

--Paul Chapman

Past Fnordcasts

We'd love to get your comments. What did you think of the show? What would you like to hear next time? You can reach us at Feel free to attach interesting noises or your own favorite fnords, in MP3 or WAV format. All submissions become the property of SJ Games and may be used on the Fnordcast, with or without credit, or credited to Leonardo da Vinci, or whatever. Muahahaaa.

The entire contents of the Fnordcast are copyright © 2006-2024 by Steve Jackson Games.

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