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In Nomine Stylesheet

Last updated March 28, 2007

Official Usages

Authors should use these.

Singular Plural Prefered Alternate/Title
Seraph Seraphim the Most Holy
Cherub Cherubim Guardian(s)
Ofanite Ofanim Wheel(s)
Elohite Elohim Power(s)
Malakite Malakim Virtue(s)
Kyriotate Kyriotates Domination(s)
Mercurian Mercurians Intercessionist(s)
reliever relievers The LE uses Helper(s) in her own fiction
Menunite Menunim

Nephallite Nephallim
Grigori Grigori

Balseraph Balseraphs Liar(s), Serpent(s)
Djinn Djinn Stalker(s)
Calabite Calabim Destroyer(s)
Habbalite Habbalah Punisher(s)
Lilim Lilim Daughter(s), Tempter(s), Temptress(es)
Shedite Shedim Fleshless, Corruptor(s)
Impudite Impudites Taker(s)
imp imps
gremlin gremlins
Pachadite Pachadim
demonling demonlings

The secondary alternate names in the main book may also be used, but the preferred alternates are clearer, generally. Secondary alternate names are for times when there's just too many primary and alternate names.

Common (mis)usages

Authors should avoid these, but characters might use them.

Singular Plural Alternate

Other Misusages

These should only be found in quotes, mangled by a character:

Singular Plural Notes
Malak A singular Malakite . . .
Kyrio Kyrios
Grig, Grigi Grigs, Grigi As in "Grig-kin" for the Children of the Grigori
Bal As in Balseraph
Habbie Habbies Punishers hate that . . .
Lil As in Lilim, when she's not around

* It might get shortened to "Imp," but not around real Impudites (and maybe not around real imps).

Also, anything taking the singular and adding a "s" - Calabites, Habbalites, Shedites, Lilims, etc.

Band/Choir Attunements should be listed in the form of: [Singular] of [Word] or [Singular] of [Superior], with the first being preferred. I.e.,: "The Elohite of Creation attunement" or "Attunements: Elohite of Creation, Mercurian of Creation." (Yes, we've done it [Plural] of [Superior/Word] in the past, but this makes weirdities.)

Servitors are listed as "[Choir/Band] [Rank] of [Word]" or sometimes "of [Superior.]"

Those working for someone else are [Singular] of [Word], in service to [Superior/Word]. (Using the Superior's name is more favored for "in service to".)


* means there's a conflict in the text; the listed capitalization is the preferred one.

The bonus to hit things with a weapon, also "Acc" in tables
Angel of [Word]
Use only for Word-bound. If you mean a servitor of someone (as in, "angel of War," then either don't begin the sentence with "Angel" or use "Angel of Michael" or "Servitor of War."
corporeal, ethereal, celestial
*(attunement when used with its proper name) e.g. Transubstantiation attunement
*Band/Choir Attunement(s) & Servitor Attunement(s)
Two words are capped, attunement alone is not
Body hit(s)
aka Body
cast a Song
Do not use this; Songs are performed.
In the format "Charisma -2"; max bonus from Charisma and Charisma (Sex Appeal) combined is +3 total; max negative Charisma is -2.
Actual title often capitalized: e.g., Halls of Progress.
Check digit or check die, used only in formulas where "check digit" would be cumbersome.
As in, an angel or a demon; frequently miscapped, watch it!
Celestial Force(s)
celestial form
celestial realm(s)
Also, "celestial plane(s)"
Chapter numbers ARE NOT USED in In Nomine books! If you refer to a chapter (e.g., "Chapter 5"), be sure to give either a p. 00 reference, or phrase it as "Chapter 5, Humans"!
Such as Will, Perception, etc., which are capitalized. Celestials max out at 12 for any characteristic! Humans at 10.
character points
check digit(s)
Rarely, "CD" may be used; consult the LE
Corporeal Force(s)
corporeal realm
There's only one; also, "corporeal plane"
A secondary Band-name for Shedim; note it's OR, not ER!
Demon of [Word]
Use only for Word-bound. Same confusion-reducing stuff as per "Angel of [Word]"
Imps, gremlins, and wimpier . . .
Demon Prince(s)
Or Demon Princess(es)
destiny and Destiny
One is a noun for someone's ultimate disposition in life, the other is a Word. Be kind to editors and capitalize the Word, but not the mere noun . . .
Note: destiny = GOOD future. (Do not say "dark destiny.")
The noun, generally, when used as a synonym for demon
The adjective
The term for Outcasts and Renegades as a set - as an adjective or as "the Disfavored."
Same plural; not "Discords" unless you are naming them; e.g., "the Merciful, Aura, and Crippled Discords" but "he has a lot of Discord" is prefered to "he has many Discords."
"notes of" or "dissonant tones" for plural
Dissonance Conditions
Used only for celestial Distinctions - Vassal/Knight, etc.
Don't confuse disturbance with dissonance!
A Principality, Cathedral or ethereal Domain.
dreamland(s), dreamscape(s)
The corporeal realm
Creators of artifacts
Essence has no units, currently. Refer to it as "4 Essence" - numeral, no units, then Essence.
An ethereal spirit; frequently miscapped; watch it!
Ethereal Force(s)
ethereal form or ethereal body
ethereal god(s)
aka pagan gods
ethereal realm(s)
also, "ethereal plane(s)"
ethereal spirit(s)
As in what happens when an angel becomes a demon
Fallen, a
A new demon, ex-angel.
Fallen, the
Often refers to the demons who Fell originally.
A reliever, imp, gremlin, or demonling which has a vessel and serves another being.
fate and Fate
One is a noun for someone's ultimate disposition in life, the other is a Word. Be kind to editors and capitalize the Word, but not the mere noun . . .
Note: fate = BAD future.
Replacement word for limitations for artifacts. Also used for Tethers. Specific Features are capitalized (e.g. Convenience Features, Use Features, etc.)
Don't go above 18 for non-Superiors! Or 15 for humans. Forces of a character are expressed as "9-Force" or "4-Force" - numeral, then hyphenated.
When used as a noun, or as a Discord. "geasa" to some characters, but not authors.
geas(-ed, -ing)
The verb.
Geas hook
The term for the state of "you get to resist with a Will roll." If the person can no longer defy the Geas without dissonance/damage, then it's a full-blown Geas. Before that, it's a hook or Geas hook.
Also see the glossary in the Lilith expansion.
go celestial
This differs from the AP Stylebook
Another term for a Soldier of Hell - particularly one who has accepted an infernal Force, and will be drawn to Hell by the weight of it after death.
See Geas hook.
The angelic side
What a Kyriotate or Shedite uses
The noun, sometimes used as a synonym for demon
The adjective, except for Interventions
Divine or Infernal; sometimes Demonic or Diabolic
A Geas, a Superior, a relic, a Song, etc.
Not Judgement
As a generic term for skills or Discord
living artifact(s)
Marches, Border Marches, Far Marches, Farthest Marches
Mind hits
aka Mind
The prefered spelling for Mohammed.
mummy (-ies)
Numinous Corpus
Same plural - no Corpii.
An angel cast out of Heaven for some reason.
Or invoke; what you do with a Song; NOT "cast"! Fiction may have someone "Sing healing," but that is not likely to come up in rulebooks.
The damage-bonus that weapons do; negative Power is possible
A Prince's Domain
Innate damage-reduction of something - if negative, increase damage!
redemption (redeem, etc.)
Yes, Fall is uppercase, redeem is lowercase. Also note that celestials redeem, humans get salvation.
What's left after a non-human's lost all its Celestial Forces.
A demon on the lam
almost never used in the plural
a possible verb (which SJ has neither approved nor disapproved yet) for "to use one's resonance upon something or someone." E.g., The Calabite resonanted the door and it fell apart. The Seraph resonated the truth of the statement.
A ritual that either gives Essence to an ethereal, or grants Essence to the performing being.
Also, limits the amount of Status! Status level cannot exceed Role level.
A Soldier of God, returned in a vessel
J. Random person named a saint by humans.
Minimum 13 Forces, 99% of the time Wordbound to their Tether.
. . . and Cherub, Lilim, Impudite, etc.
The common sort of minion for Superiors
A minion to a Word-bound celestial or one with a Distinction
Sex Appeal
Previous term for a specified Charisma. Should now be in the form of: "Charisma +# (sex appeal)." Likewise, any other specialized Charismas should be in the form of: "Charisma +# (reputation/intimidating/etc.)" The maximum amount of specialized Charisma and general Charisma cannot exceed 3, total.
Are always capitalized: e.g., Fighting, Tracking, Emote.
Of God/Hell; mundane soldiers aren't capitalized
"Celestial/Ethereal/Corporeal" is capitalized when put with Song. e.g. Celestial Song of Attraction
Note it's ER, not OR.
Soul hit(s)
aka Soul
When refering to the Status of a Role; cannot be above the Role's level! Format is "Status/#" for celestials, not "Status: #". Format is Status # for humans.
Only for AA/DP - immediate boss is "superior"; take care to phrase sentences so this is obvious; "immediate superior" is also used.
Moriah suggested that one's immediate superior could also be called: boss, supervisor, director or conductor (for that musical motif), chief, master (maybe for the diabolicals), mentor (for the divine).
Synonyms for one's Superior are generally "Master," "Lord," or "Boss." Superiors nearly always always get a capital letter, though a Prince could also be a "dark lord." "Boss" should be a tertiary synonym except for less formal Servitors, or ones who have a "professional" relationship with their Superior (Marc, Jean, Eli, maybe Janus, Kobal, maybe Nybbas, perhaps some others.
Symphony, the
aka the "True Symphony"
symphony (-ies)
What demons have, aka "personal symphony"
target number
Rarely and unofficially "TN"; expand unless you have explicit permission to do otherwise.
See the Liber Castellorum for Tether-specific terms.
In the format of "Toughness: +2" - only 2 levels, max, and only for humans.
Trauma, Traumatized
of Judgment
of the Asian Mafia
Both plural and singular - "an undead"
aka corporeal vessels; in the format Vessel/1; only non-mortals get to have vessels. Vessels cannot be traded among Servitors.
the War
Referencing the battle between Heaven and Hell, or Baal's Word
Do not use "Worded."
Not zombie

Some notes on general style

Read the SJ Games general style guide. I repeat: READ THE SJ GAMES GENERAL STYLE GUIDE. This is not a suggestion, it is a necessity. Print it out, sleep with it under your pillow, and refer to it early and often. We have received a great deal of material from authors who had obviously not read the style guide, and we don't want any more in the future. The stylesheet you are reading now is supplementary; reading this will not take the place of reading the SJ Games style guide.

DO NOT capitalize section or chapter heads. We can capitalize them if necessary, but to remove capitals requires retyping the words. Capital letters should only be used for emphasis in a section that is already bold italic (such as a pullquote).

DO NOT put spaces between paragraphs, or between headers and body text. Use empty lines only as required by the Coding Guide - before and after boxed text and pullquotes; when switching from TEXT-HANG/TEXT-BOXHANG to regular TEXT/TEXT-BOX or vice versa; when following vignettes.

Try to avoid stacking one header directly on top of another. We do this with character names, but usually it looks awkward, particularly if a B-, C-, and D-head are stacked in a pile of three headers.

Skills and Songs

When describing skills in a character writeup, the format is as follows:

Skill/Level (Specialty, if any)

as in:

Knowledge/4 (Nuclear Physics), Small Weapon/2 (Knife), etc.

There are a number of skills that DO NOT exist by themselves, that MUST have a specialty listed after them. They include:

  • Artistry
  • Knowledge
  • Languages
  • Large Weapon
  • Ranged Weapon
  • Small Weapon
  • Survival

The skill listing, "Large Weapon/3" is meaningless. The large weapon must be specified (and no, we haven't defined the possible categories). Some examples would be Sword, Spear, Club, Chainsaw, Chrysler Building (for a sufficiently strong character), etc.

Oddly enough, Driving as written on p. 74 of In Nomine does not need a specialty. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles are covered, though. Exotic vehicles would probably require a specialty. (Driving/# (Piloting), for instance.)

If a character has more than one specialty of the same skill, format it thusly:

Skill (Specialty One/Level, Specialty Two/Level, Specialty Three/Level)

Gene's example was:

Ranged Weapon (Chrysler Building/1, Wienermobile/3, My Ego/7)

(However, skills do not go above 6! We'll make an exception for Gene's ego . . . )

Songs, on the other hand, are formatted thusly:

Name (Plane/Level)

as in:

Healing (Celestial/6), Attraction (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/1), Numinous Corpus (Claws/1, Fangs/5), Light (Corporeal/4), Motion (All/1), etc.

Order is "Song (Corporeal, Ethereal, Celestial)."

Two exceptions:

The Song of Thunder, while considered Corporeal for game purposes (IN, p. 84), cuts across all three planes so is listed simply as:

Thunder/Level - Thunder/3, or Thunder/6, or whatever.

(As are all other Songs, such as Possession, that have only one "version".)

The family of Numinous Corpus Songs (p. 82) may be listed by type (especially if the character has only one or two), as in:

Fangs/3, Tongue/1, Horns/5, etc.

I know we've already published character writeups here and there where these rules haven't been followed. Pointing that out will win you no friends here, but if anyone spots one that could be passed on to the Errata Coordinator (also see the page for In Nomine errata), that would be helpful.

The In Nomine style for page references in other books is, in parentheses, the common full name of the book (without subtitles or cycle numbers) in bold italic, comma in bold italic, p., space, the page number. Do not use the word "See" at the front. Examples:

(Fall of the Malakim, p. 00)
(Infernal Player's Guide, p. 00)
(Night Music, p. 00)

Note that the p. 00 (or p. 111, or whatever!) has a space after the "p." and before the numeral! If you know the page number for the book in question, insert it. Use p. 00 for same-book references, and as a placeholder for page numbers you don't know.

For page numbers in the same book, use "(see p. 00)," or, when appropriate, "(see box on p. 00)." When refering to a specific section, italicize the name of the section: "(see Superior Opinions, p. 00)." For a reference that spans multiple pages, the format is "pp. 00-00."

(As a note, use "p. 00" with two zeros for all unknown page refs. Do not use "p. XX" or "p. OO" with capital O's.)

When doing a Seneschal, the format is thus (where CAPITAL LETTERS are being used to designate a variable. DO NOT put the variable itself in all caps!):

Word-bound Seneschal:

@D-Head:Seneschal of TETHER'S NAME,

Attuned Seneschal:

Attunements: [stuff], Seneschal (attuned to TETHER'S NAME)

General Character format:

[if Word-bound] @D-Head: Angel/Demon/Seneschal of WORD/TETHER'S NAME

If no distinctions, then "Title" is either "Servitor" or absent (if in good standing)

For Renegade and Outcasts, the last D-head reads:

Renegade/Outcast CHOIR/BAND TITLE of WORD.

Again, if no Distinctions, "title" is either "Servitor" or absent.

For those in service to someone, the last D-Head reads:


Again, if no Distinctions, "title" is either "Servitor" or absent.

The rest of the character sheet should be in this format (those are tabs after all the numbers):

@BODY:Vignette, if any.
@IN STATS:Corporeal Forces - #     Strength #     Agility #
@IN STATS:Ethereal Forces - #     Intelligence #     Precision #
@IN STATS:Celestial Forces - #     Will #     Perception #
@BODY:Vessel(s): Vessel1/# (gender/description [e.g., "female" or "old
lady"]), Charisma +/-# (type) [if any Charisma and if any "type"];
Vessel2/# (gender/description), Charisma +/-# (type); [etc.]
[If there is only one vessel, leave off the "(s)"]
@BODY:Role(s): "Name," [if any] Role Title1/#, Status/#; "Name," Role
Name2/#, Status/#; [etc., making sure that if Roles are attached to a
vessel, this is obvious. If there is only one Role, leave off the "(s)"]
@BODY:Skills: [etc.]
@BODY:Songs: [etc.]
@BODY:Attunements: CHOIR/BAND SINGULAR of WORD, [etc], any
@BODY:Malakite Oaths: [if Malakite; a Malakite will have oaths!  If
he does not, he needs to.]
@BODY:Discord: [if any; a CALABITE will have Discord!  If he does
not, he needs to.]
@BODY:Artifacts: [if any]
@BODY:Special Rites: [if any]
@BODY:Special Ability (-ies): [if any; these are where "cute
abilities" of the Word-bound should probably go]
@BODY:   [a blank line, with only the tag!]
@BODY:The Rest Of The Description.

A comment on usage of words, titles, and group-names:

Do NOT come up with elegant names which cross over with already-defined IN-usages! It's happened at least twice (both times before I had full control), and it's caused problems both times. So don't do it, because the next time it happens, I will prune it.

Some useages noted from various non-canon places (some of which may become canon in the future; canon ones noted with a *):

"The Horde"
The opposite to the Host; "I bet we get alternate panty-raids from the Host and the Horde in IOU dorms."
A synonym for angels, used by demons

Things to call Servitors:

Dreamer(s), Dreamie(s)
Davidian(s)*, Stonie(s) (could crop up in canon as an insulting term), Delvers*, Trogs*
Dominican(s)*, Judge(s)*, Judgmenter(s)* (or merely poker-spines)
Creationer(s), Eliite(s)
Janus/the Wind
Jeanite(s), Sparkie(s)
Laurence/the Sword
Laurencian(s)*, Laurentine(s)*, Sword-bearers*, Swordie(s) (or poker-spines) (Swordie could be used in canon as an insulting term.)
Michaelite(s)*, Michaline(s), Warrior(s)*. Berserkers*, Axemen*, Fighters* (uncommon).
Flowerchildren, Flowers
Lustie(s)*, Andrealphan(s)*, Andrealphite(s)*, Andrean(s), Andreite(s)
Asmodeus/the Game
Asmodean(s), Gamester(s), (and spooks, spies, or other unflattering things)
Baal/the War
Warrior(s), Baalite(s) (yes, "Warrior" is potentially confusing . . . )
Glutton(s)*, Haagentian(s)*, Gobbler(s)*
Kobal/Dark Humor
Joker(s)*, Jester(s)*, Comedian(s)*, Kobalite(s)*
Factioner(s), Malphan(s)
Nybbas/the Media
Nybbytes*, Nybbasians*, Fakers*
Vapulan(s), Technologist(s), Techie(s)
Lilim (well, often . . . ), the Free (again, almost exclusively applied to Lilim), the Sisterhood (Lilim again)

Some slang for characters or mostly in-character comments.

snake(s), six-eyes (derogatory, either way)
black-wing(s) (casual, often used by demons)
fluff-wing(s) (usually derogatory)
greenie(s) (derogatory)

Format for Quotes, Pullquotes/flavorquotes, and boxes.

Legacy formatting, kept for those who might have trouble using the WYSIWYG template

Quotes are used for paragraphs in italics - it is more efficient in layout. The format is:

@QUOTE:"The text of the quote, with a new tag for every paragraph of it.
(Use quotation marks unless the quotation is a poem.)"
@QUOTE: <\#208> The Attribution
(that's a tab in front of the dash-code, and a space after the dash-code)
@BODY:            [this is a blank line]

Pullquotes/flavorboxes are formatted thusly:

[A completely blank line, with no tags.]
@PULLQUOTE:The quote.
(DO NOT use quotation marks around pullquotes.
You may use them within pullquotes to denote conversation.)
@PULLQUOTE:  <\#208> Attribution
(that's a tab in front of the dash-code, and a space after the dash-code)
[Another completely blank line, with no tags]

Boxes are formatted thusly:

[A completely blank line, with no tags.]
@SB-HEAD:The Title Of The Box
@SB-BODY:A paragraph.
@SB-BODY:Another paragraph, etc.
[Another completely blank line, with no tags.]

Quarkcode trivia:

The "fnord codes" (the stuff in angle brackets) will NOT insert any spaces. If you have a case where you have a colon, for instance, you must insert the space after the colon and formatting tag.

E.g., in Superior Opinions:

<B>Blandine:<B> Blandine's Opinion Here

At one point, the Line Editor thought there was an error in this file. If you can find it and bring it to her attention, the Djinn Princess of Nitpicking will send you a Rite.

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