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SJ Games, Wingnut Join Forces To Produce Battle Cattle: The Card Game

Austin, TX – Steve Jackson Games announced today a joint licensing agreement to produce Battle Cattle: The Card Game, a standalone card game that will be fully compatible with SJ Games' Car Wars: The Card Game.

Battle Cattle is the hilarious miniatures combat game similar to the SJ Games favorite, Car Wars – except it's farm animals duking it out with unique cow-related weapons of destruction. "I love this game. I think there's a strong possibility that Aldo is even sillier than I am," Steve Jackson said. Wingnut's Aldo Ghiozzi replied, "Nah, Steve's just jealous he didn't think of it first . . ."

Steve Jackson Games is relaunching the Car Wars line, starting off with a new edition of Car Wars: The Card Game in August, 2001. "I was looking for another company that I might be able to share printing costs with by doing two games at once," Jackson said. "Aldo called, and as we talked we realized there was a deal to be made. This is why it's a good thing that people talk to each other in this industry."

Like Car Wars: The Card Game, Battle Cattle: The Card Game will be a standalone game, with everything you need in one package. And the two games will be completely compatible, allowing you to take your souped-up hot rods out gunning for Bessie ... but this time, Bessie shoots back!

Battle Cattle: The Card Game will have six Cow cards and 112 Move cards, all full-color, and a rules sheet. It is due out in September, 2001, and will retail for $24.95.

For more information, contact Steve Jackson ( or Scott Haring ( at (512) 447-7866, or Aldo Ghiozzi ( at (925) 240-0862.

Car Wars: The Card Game: August 2001, Stock #1401, $24.95.
Battle Cattle: The Card Game: September 2001, Stock #1409, $24.95.

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