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Fireside Games announces new title Munchkin Panic

Continued Growth for Board Game Company

Fireside Games is proud to announce the next game release in their expanding line of board games, Munchkin Panic, to hit stores in Fall 2014. Munchkin Panic is a new, semi-cooperative board game designed by Anne-Marie De Witt that blends the all-for-one gameplay of Castle Panic (Justin De Witt, Fireside Games, 2009) and the all-for-me style of Munchkin (Steve Jackson, Steve Jackson Games, 2001). The game supports 1 to 6 players ages 10 and up and will retail for $39.95.

In this new hybrid game the Munchkin Monsters have found the Castle Panic Towers and are on the rampage! Players combine cards to hit and slay the Monsters before they destroy the Castle. The new card combos available in Munchkin Panic are created from a unique mixing of the decks of the two source games. Each defeated Monster becomes a Trophy and gives up its Treasure to the victor. If players work together to defeat the Monsters, the player with the highest point count becomes Master Munchkin. But players must balance their self-interest with the cooperation necessary to survive. If players get too greedy, the Monsters will stomp the Castle flat while the players are too busy fighting!

About Fireside games

Fireside Games, based in Austin, Texas, was formed in 2007 by Justin and Anne-Marie De Witt, who believe in creating fun, innovative, and accessible board games that appeal to everyone. Justin is the primary game designer, artist, graphic designer, and manufacturing coordinator for Fireside Games. Anne-Marie oversees business operations, provides additional game development and design, and is the primary editor for Fireside Games. Previously published games are Castle Panic (September 2009), Bloodsuckers (August 2011), Bears! (September 2011), The Wizard's Tower (November 2012), and Dead Panic (October 2013).

About Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson Games, based in Austin, Texas, has been publishing games, game books, and magazines since 1980. Its best-selling game is Munchkin, with well over 5 million copies of the games and supplements in print worldwide. Other top sellers are GURPS (the Generic Universal RolePlaying System), Zombie Dice, and Illuminati. Past hits have included Car Wars and Toon. Steve's very first game, Ogre, originally released in 1977, drew almost a million dollars' worth of Kickstarter support in 2012 for a super-deluxe edition to be released in the fall of 2013.

Press Contact:

Kris McCardel
Fireside Games
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Steve Jackson Games
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