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November 5, 2015 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Steve Jackson Games To Publish I Hate Zombies

I Hate ZombiesAUSTIN, Texas (November 5, 2015) – I Hate Zombies, the fast-paced Kickstarter favorite created by BoardGameGeek, boasts an exciting 10-minute experience for 2-12 players. In this treacherous party game, two teams fight for survival: zombies and the remaining humans who hate them.

From designer Kevin Wilson, known for work on A Game of Thrones, Sid Meier's Civilization, and Arkham Horror, comes the first Micro Game by BoardGameGeek. I Hate Zombies more than doubled its goal on Kickstarter with support from 3,811 backers.

Steve Jackson Games is thrilled to join the project, hoping to enlist zombie hordes via living rooms, cafés, and tabletop shops everywhere.

"As a Kickstarter backer myself, I'm excited to rock-paper-scissors zombie hordes at home and in the office," stated Rhea Friesen, Marketing Director for Steve Jackson Games.

About BoardGameGeek

BoardGameGeek is an online boardgaming resource and community. The site is updated on a real-time basis by its robust and still-growing user base, making the 'Geek the largest and most up-to-date place to get gaming information! The site features reviews, ratings, images, play-aids, translations, and session reports from boardgame geeks across the world, as well as live discussion forums. In addition, every day nearly a hundred game trades pass through the hands of registered members, as well as transactions in the marketplace.

About Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson Games, based in Austin, Texas, has been publishing games, game books, and magazines since 1980. Its best-selling game is Munchkin, with almost 7 million copies of the games and supplements in print worldwide. Other top sellers are GURPS (the Generic Universal RolePlaying System), Zombie Dice, and Illuminati. Past hits have included Car Wars and Toon. Steve's very first game, Ogre, originally released in 1977, drew almost a million dollars' worth of Kickstarter support in 2012 for a super-deluxe edition, which was released in late 2013.

Press Contact:

Rhea Friesen, Marketing Director
(512) 447-7866 x207

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