Buzz Lightyear

(Robot) Space Ranger/IOU Professor

Model Point Cost: 110 points (skills not yet added...)
TL: 10.
Purchase Price: $???.
Legality Class: ???
Created by Austin Loomis

Brain: TL10 small, genius, sentient wt .5 lb, vol .01 cf, $15,000, 100 pts LC 4, Complexity 5

Sensors: TL10 basic (weight .5 lb, .01 cf, cost $2500)

Communicators: TL10 basic, superior voice (weight .25 lb, .005 cf, cost $750, 25 points)
[10 points for Voice advantage & 15 for basic sensor package, right--]

Arms: two TL10 ST7 arm motors (each .7 lb, $1400, .014 cf, .035 KW), two TL10 ST5 striker arm motors (each .25 lb, $300, .005 cf, .025 KW) [10-10 = 0 points]

Propulsion: TL10 leg drivetrain, .04 KW (1.2 lb, .012 cf/leg motor [2], $240)

Weaponry: ST 1 crushing jaw ($100, .1 lb, .005 cf, .01 KW, LC 6, 5 points) sonic stinger ($400, .25 lb, .005 cf, LC 6, 1 point)

Accessories: Gyrobalance ($1250, 15 points)

Power system: Routine power requirements .17 KW. rD cell (5 lb, .05 cf, $500, 36000KWS) -- endurance 58 hours, 49 minutes, 24.705882 seconds (0 points).

Subassemblies: head, two arms (right, left), two strikers (starboard wing, port wing), two legs.

Arm design: Right arm contains arm motor, sonic stinger, and .001 cf of empty space (.02 cf). Left arm contains arm motor and .006 cf of empty space.

Striker design: Right striker (attached to back) contains striker motor (.005 cf). Left striker identical.

Head design: contains crushing jaw, sensors and communicators (.02 cf).

Body design: contains brain, power cell, and .002 cf waste space for head (.062 cf).

Leg design: each leg contains leg motor (.012 cf, 1.2 lb) and .008 cf empty space (.02 cf).

Surface area: arms .5 each, strikers .5 each, head .5, body 1, legs .5 each.

Structure: TL10 medium (9 lbs, $450). Hit points: head 1, arms 2, wings 2, body 2, legs 1.

Hit points: head 1, arms 2, wings 2, body 2, legs 1.

Armor: TL10 ablative, DR 5 (.06 lb, PD 3, LC 6, $0.40, 10 points).

Biomorphics: mannequin head* (.1 lb, $6.25), handsome ($6.75, 15 points)

Statistics: weight 18.86 lbs (.00943 tons), volume 0.152 cf (-10) (2.25' tall). Cost $24,603.40.


body ST 3, arm ST 7 (-40), DX 10, IQ 10, HT 12/2 (-30), speed 8.238 (0), can glide (20)**, cannot float (-5)***. LC 4, model point total 106(*4).

* I don't know if you can actually do that, but I wasn't going to pay full cost when his body looks like a spacesuit, and I wasn't going to settle for sculpted when anyone can see his face is flesh-tone.
[Sounds good to me...]

** Sort of. Remember, "This isn't flying. This is falling with style."

*** Beth will probably point out, as she's done before on, that this is a crock -- "Cannot float" is really more a taboo trait (at worst, an incompetence) than anything that should be worth notable points. If you reduce it to an incompetence, Buzz' point total is 110; if you call it a taboo trait and eliminate the point bonus entirely, it's 111.
[I'll take it as an incompetence -- BTW, if he's "not waterproof," then he can have five points for it. *sparkle*crackle*pop*","don't ya know. Equiv to Vunerability to water, maybe?]

*4 I haven't worried about his programming cost(*5), nor have I counted the UB: High Technology (he's TL10, IOU is TL 7.875).

*5 But it includes a full personality simulation based on the movie (he remembers the movie as part of his past, but also knows that Buzz to be fictional) and adding a Sense of Duty to Minna Cockroach. It also includes Datalink and various skills appropriate to his post as a teacher, and some Karate skill (remember his karate-chop arm action).

This is my first (but hopefully not last) IOU character sheet, and also my first (and probably last for a while) attempt at robot building.

Token bit of legalese to save my hide: Buzz Lightyear is based upon the character of the same name appearing in the motion picture Toy Story, directed by John Lasseter. Buzz Lightyear (Space Ranger), the distinctive likeness thereof, and (presumably) all associated catchphrases are ©1995 Walt Disney Productions. (In the motion picture, this copyright information, in the short form "© Disney", can be seen stamped upon Lightyear's posterior.)

Character story: A once-ordinary Buzz Lightyear doll, upgraded by Wilhem (Vili) Torkener, lab assistant at CADET (the Silly IOU's Dept. of Cyberspace Advanced Development and Electroshock Therapy), to serve as Christmas present/babysitter to Minna Cockroach, the genetically engineered daughter of departmental chairthing Treacherous Cockroach.

[Vili is my character, and stats for him are theoretically forthcoming. Minna, her big brother Hybrid, and their father all belong to Scott (zagyg) Johnson; if he can ever dig out from under his other commitments, he may do stats for them.]

Minna, on receipt of the robot, immediately manumitted him ("But I can't own you -- you're people!") and suggested he'd be more fun to talk to if he had his own life than if he just sat around on a shelf all day. Remembering that her dad had said he needed more professors, she recommended Buzz for Reality Interface, Artificial Histories, and Net Exploration. And if he hasn't been taken apart, he's still there.

Austin "Well, what do you think?" Loomis

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