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In 1990, Steve Jackson Games was raided by the Secret Service when a "hacker hunt" went out of control. The agents took computers, printers, hard drives, at least one pocket calculator, over 300 floppy disks, and the whole Illuminati BBS.

In 1992, we made a game out of it. Hacker satirized the Secret Service, the hackers, the phone company, and (almost) the whole Net. The game puts you in the role of an elite computer criminal, competing with fellow hackers to invade and control the most systems on the Net.

In 1993, with the help of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, SJ Games won its lawsuit against the Secret Service, even though the government attorneys claimed that we had "profited from the raid" by releasing Hacker.

Right. Were we supposed to shut up and die? NOT.

And everybody ELSE liked Hacker.

"Now here's a real 'cyberpunk' game!" said Dragon Magazine.

Mondo 2000 said, "Hacker is a wonderful, funny, Jolt-and-pizza game, which should have you wallowing in paranoia, greed, and hardcore, upgrade-or-die technophilia. What else is life about?"

And Hacker won the Origins Award for Best Modern-Day Boardgame of 1992.

About The Game

Hacker uses a variation of the Illuminati system; players lay out cards (representing systems) to create the Net, which is never the same twice. But instead of separate "power structures" for each player, there is only one Net, and players place tokens to indicate what systems they have invaded and how completely they control them.

For 3 to 6 players; takes from 90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours. The supplement, Hacker II, lets you add two more players.

Components include rulebook, 110 cards, 172 marker chips, 6 console units, lots of "system upgrades," and other markers.

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The Creators:

Designed by Steve Jackson • Cover art by Jeffery K. Starling


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