SJG Xmas Party '98

Yep, it's that time again. We did it last year, and again this year: the SJG Xmas Lunch/Party/What-have-you. Here's the bribery photos. Irreverent commentary by Kira.

We had more food than we could possibly eat. Kelly (front), Gina (back left), and Celeste (back right) help themselves to the yummies.

We didn't have a Christmas tree at the office... so Reese decided to volunteer for the job.
The whole gang, sitting around the shipping tables, enjoying the feast.
Coincidentally, SJ's birthday is on <YOU'RE NOT CLEARED FOR THAT>, so despite the fact that he hates to talk about it (much less actually celebrate it), we got him a cake. Ain't it purty? (Aren't we eeeevil?)
Melissa and Reese illuminate the cake.
SJ: . o O ( You got me a WHAT?? )
SJ: . o O ( Oh, all right, I'll blow out the candles . . . )
FOOD! SJ and Melissa (with the Christmas-green hair) enjoy the goodies.

THE END (until next year)