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May 18, 2014: 24-Hour Comic Day

Flower, as depicted by Max Clontz.

Each year, thousands of artists across the world gather in hobby shops on 24-Hour Comics Day, currently administered by Comics Pro. The object is to create an original 24-page comic within 24 hours. This year, the official 24 hours are on Saturday, October 4th.

You think you can't draw? Check out the popular stick-figure comic xkcd.

You think you can't write? Rent manatees.

Can't draw or write? You may just want to pay someone to create a comic for you. Or take up snail farming. Of course, how do you know you can't do this unless you try? You may discover you write really, really funny jokes at the 22-hours-without-sleep mark.

Make sure to register in advance. If you're not sure what to do, check in with your local stores, and ask around! Here in Austin, Dragon's Lair is where much of the magic happens. Hope to see you there!

-- Max Clontz

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