This material, written by Bill Cassel, originally appeared (by the kind permission of the Python folks) in Space Gamer #72. The Illuminati extend their sincere thanks to Bob Schroeck for retyping this for us. One of these days we have to go back and scan Dan Willems' illustrations, now that we've got a system that can display them!

The Pythonated (British) Illuminati are taking over the world not for power, but for laughs. Therefore, they *cannot* be destroyed, even if they control no groups; and groups in their power structure are also immune to destruction! Their special victory condition is to control six Silly groups.

All Pythonated groups except the Colonel and the Piranha Brothers are of Silly alignment. Silly has no opposite alignment. Silly groups cannot make or aid any attack to destroy, but CAN play the Killer Joke card.

The British Illuminati
P 9/9
I 6
+3 on Any Attempt to control Silly groups; cannot make or aid any attack to destroy; its groups cannot be destroyed. (The illustration for this card, for those of you who have never seen it, is very cute: A pyramid with an eye, wearing a bowler hat.)

The Pythonated Groups

Argument Clinics – 0 out P 0 R 5 I 2 Silly The Bishop – 1 out P 3 R 3 I 1 Criminal Violent Silly Blancmanges – 3 out P 4 R 5 I 3 Communist Silly British Dental Association – 2 out P 4 R 3 I 3 Straight Silly Bruces – 0 out P 0 R 6 I 3 Silly Camel-Spotters – 0 out P 0 R 2 I 3 Peaceful Silly Church Police – 2 out P 3 R 4 I 0 Fanatic Silly Fish – 0 out P 0 R 2 I 0 Silly Flying Sheep – 0 out P 0/1 R 2 I 1 Silly D.P. & R.J. Gumby – 0 out P 0 R 0 I 0 Silly Mr. Edward Heath – 0 out P 0 R 3 I 1 Government Conservative Silly Hell's Grannies – 0 out P 0 R 6 I 3 Violent Silly Killer Cars – 1 out P 3 R 5 I 0 Violent Silly Llamas – 1 out P 2 R 3 I 2 Peaceful Silly Lumberjacks – 1 out P 1 R 3 I 2 Weird Silly Micemen – 0 out P 0/2 R 3 I 1 Weird Liberal Silly Ministry of Silly Walks – 3 out P 5/2 R 4 I 2 Government Straight Silly Pantomime Horses – 0 out P 0 R 3 I 2 Silly Society for Putting Things On Top of Other Things – 1 out P 3 R 5 I 1 Silly Spam – 0 out P 0 R 0 I 4 Silly The Spanish Inquisition – 2 out Special Power: Their attacks are automatically privileged. (No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!) P 4/3 R 5 I 0 Fanatic Silly Upperclass Twits – 0 out P 0 R 1 I 4 Conservative Silly The Colonel – 1 out Special Power: +3 on any attempt to destroy any Silly group. P 2 R 8 I 1 Conservative Straight Fanatic The Piranha Brothers – 2 out Special Power: +1 on any attempt to destroy any group P 4/2 R 6 I 5 Criminal Violent (I'm surprised there isn't a Spiny Norman card . . . RMS)

Special Action Cards


May be played when any attack is announced. The target group of that attack is then "not being seen" and may not be attacked on that turn. The attacking group may make another attack instead. Does not count as an action.


May be played on the owning player's turn, affecting any group of that player's choice of Power 0 or 1. That group immediately laughs itself to death and is considered destroyed. Can be played by a Silly group. Counts as an action.


May be played by any defending group in an attack. Adds 6 to the attacker's die roll. Does not count as an action.

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