We get mail every day – well, okay, every week – from people inquiring about the "real Illuminati." Here are some of the most frequently asked questions . . .

Are you part of the real Illuminati?

What are some truthful histories and literature about the Illuminati?

What does the eye in the pyramid mean? And why is there one on the dollar bill?

This is all really a joke, isn't it?

Did you read about those cattle mutilations?

What is the Principia Discordia?

How can you get away with writing about the Illuminati?

How can I join the Illuminati?

How can I make the Illuminati leave me alone?

Is this connected to those stories by Lovecraft?

What do they do with all that money?

Why are you making a game out of this evil world conspiracy?

What does fnord mean?

These questions come in all the time. And we don't answer them. Have a nice day.

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