Movie: Faith

by Joanna Hart


[She may yet change this title -- but I needed something for the filename. --arcangel]

(Sorry, something got into my fingers and made me do it.. :) ) --Joanna

< Black screen fades to flickering candle-light. A man keeps vigil in a deserted medieval-style church, on his knees, holding a sword. >

|| Throughout the ages, there have been men and women who pledged their lives to serve God...

< Camera pans in down the aisle and the lighting brightens enough for us to see that the man is wearing a leather jacket and digital watch. His lips move silently >

|| and His angels...

< Camera pans to the man's shadow, which has long dark wings. Footsteps ring in the aisle behind him as someone approaches... >

< Same church, the malakite stands at attention, speaking to Laurence. "I understand, sir. It will be my honour to train them." >

|| ... but you just can't get the staff these days.

< Katie locks up the library as she leaves. She has dyed scarlet hair. She gets into a battered Ford Escort with 'L' plates and drives off at breakneck speed, swerving all over the road. >

< Jim shares a joke with a couple of younger lawyers as he takes off his advocate's wig. He is in his 50s and balding. >

< Ian finishes lovingly painting a garish daisy on a menu-board on which every second item contains lentils >

< Tom pushes a pile of pizza boxes away from his computer and stops to frown at the screen. He is running to fat. On the screen words appear: ... C.o.n.s.i.d.e.r y.o.u.r.s.e.l.f r.e.c.r.u.i.t.e.d. j.

"Recruited for what??" he exclaims. >

< cue cheerful military marching music.. >

< Panoramic shot of the entrance to a grand mansion. Over the gateway is an iron sign which reads 'St George's Military Academy' >

< The Malakite stands on a podium, addressing a class which includes all the people spotted earlier. "You're in the army now. The army of God!" >

< Quick shots of the recruits failing pitifully at various training exercises. Tom falls off a balance beam. Katie almost takes her instructor's eye out with a bow and arrow. Ian puts down a sword and patiently explains,"I can't use this. It might hurt someone.">

< A grizzled man talks to the malakite in a private office. From the six-winged shadows we can see that he is a seraph. "I'm sorry, Zeke, but we need them out there now, and they're going to need to learn to fight dirty, because the other side will." >

|| They have to find a way to fight an enemy who never rests...

< Jim & Ian dash into a large church. Suddenly every candle is simultaneously blown out by a keening wind. >

< Shot of the interior of a demonic strip joint >

< An a neon roadsign, a minibus slows as a light flashes up "Welcome to Hell. We hope you enjoy the game." >

< Tom grabs a child protectively and dives behind a table, away from a firefight. Someone yells "We need bigger guns!" >

|| where Justice is blind...

< The malakite covers its eyes with its hands and mutters, "I didn't see that." >

|| ... and there isn't always an easy answer.

< Tom and the seraph are standing in a church, talking. He turns to the angel and asks, "But how do you know you're right?" >

|| Sometimes, you just have to have faith.

< Katie sprints up the marble steps and into the main hall, where the others are milling around and waves a piece of paper, "Hey guys! I passed my driving test!"

Tom looks heavenwards, "OK... now I believe in miracles!" >

< Fade to black >

**Flaming Feather**

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