(Well, Movie Trailers, anyway)

Tafka J.'s Dark Destiny, Bright Fate and Fear

Prodigal's The Final Trumpet

GR "Maya" Cogman's The End of Days Is Not Enough

Elizabeth "Archangel Beth" McCoy's Love Conquers All

GR "Maya" Cogman's Hope and Honour

Redneck Gaijin's Roommates

Casca's Lovely Angels of the Wind (In Anime)

GR "Maya" Cogman's All Good Things

Jason Corley's Los Archangeles

Joanna Hart's Faith

GR "Maya" Cogman's Dominican Tank Police (In Anime)

Em's The Kobalite Incursion & The Wrath

Elizabeth "Archangel Beth" McCoy's Partners

David Wood's The Nymph and the Cherub

James Nutley's The Fiercest Flame

GR "Maya" Cogman's Buffy Goes to IOU

GR "Maya" Cogman's... Michael and Dominic : The Untold Story, Laurence : The Edge of Purity, and Eli : Creation Without A Cause. (All produced for Em's Holy War campaign.)

GR "Maya" Cogman's James Bond: The Ultimate Price and James Bond: The Last Gospel and James Bond - Double Jeopardy

Mark Kinney's IN NOMINE: The latest adventure of James Bond 007 (popular topic...)

Redneck Gaijin's Tenchi Muyo - In Nomine (In Anime)

GR Cogman's Out Takes from Shal-Mari Bond Movies.

Jo Hart, who has written too many Bond trailers, knows that Bad Things Happen....

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