James Bond : The Ultimate Price

by Mark Kinney <alberich @ iglou.com>

While I can still get away with this, here's my tribute to a movie series I've gone on a crash course of in the past month, with a new installment coming along soon...

A black screen.

NARRATOR: Over the years, there have been many great villains...

A circle crosses the screen, showing pictures of Julius No, Auric Goldfinger, Scaramanga, Katanga, Blofeld... and ends with a figure shooting at the spot, which weaves, then expands out to fill the screen.

NARRATOR: But this time, Agent 007 faces the ultimate enemy.


James Bond stands on a precipice, faced by a red-suited man with dark hair, goatee, and horns.

LUCIFER: I'm sorry, Mr. Bond, but you're in Hell. I'm afraid there will be no escape for you this time.


James Bond music, sounding as if done by NIN, starts.

Scenes include 007 rapelling into a pit, flames visible in the bottom; chaotic riot scenes in some major city, as Calabim move through; Felix Leiter, in wheelchair, fires rockets from his artificial leg at an approaching demon; Bond's BMW jumps from a cave, a wave of fire following; Lilith and Bond roll over, Lilith ending up on top.

<music pauses>

LILITH: You're going to owe me for this, James. Big Time.

BOND: Well, I always try to pay my debts.

<music continues>

Additional cuts with Haggenti working his way toward Bond; Michael leading a contingent of Malakim through Hell' gates; Kronos confronting Bond, who has his PPK pointed at the Demon Prince.

BOND: Goodbye, I'll see you in Hell.

The screen goes black with the gunshot sound. Music ends.



IN NOMINE: The latest adventure of James Bond 007.

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