by Redneck Gaijin


Uhm, whmmf wha... oh, it's you.

("I got a great idea for ya...")

Gee, thank you so much. Your last great idea was to recast Final Fantasy III with Ranma 1/2.

("You'll like this one. It's short.")

Oh, is it. Whoopee.

("It's an In Anime trailer.")

You're out of your non-corporeal little mind.

("Hear me out.")

No. Let me sleep.

(".... it's Tenchi...")


... okay, I'm listening.

<SCENE: Cave, where Tenchi is looking trepidatiously around him at the dark, wet surroundings.>

VOICEOVER (GRANDPA): There's a demon trapped in that cave.


<SCENE: Tenchi pulls out a sword from a rock, and is startled when there isn't any blade.>

VOICEOVER (GRANDPA): Eight hundred years ago, it caused great pain and destruction, until your ancestor imprisoned it and its servant.


<SCENE: Tenchi on a labyrinthine layout of tiles in cold water. Three obelisks guard a giant glowing pit. Tenchi steps forward cautiously and looks into the light- just in time for a withered hand to reach out and grab his wrist. A masked face rises up from the pit...>

VOICEOVER: If that demon is ever released....


<SCENE: Tenchi's school; a buxom cyan-haired demoness smiles at him from midair.>

VOICEOVER: ... who knows what chaos might result?

DEMONESS: My name's Ryoko.




<SCENE: A Malakite (Aeka) interrogates a captive Ryouko. Aeka sends electric shocks through Ryouko, who coos and laughs with delight.>

AEKA: Hmmm. This seems to have the opposite effect on you. I believe the word is... masochist?

RYOUKO: Actually I'm more of a sadist.

AEKA: Oh, pardon me, I- HEY! Do I look like a servant of Andrealphus to you?>

<Subliminal cut scene of Aeka the S&M Queen. }:-{D >


<SCENE: Cabbit hatching from an egg.>

VOICEOVER: Her old vessel died, so she laid an egg.


<SCENE: Sasami (obviously a Mercurian) offers a carrot to Ryo-Ohki.>

SASAMI: You like carrots?


RYOKO: Hey, you aren't goin' bright on me, are ya?


<SCENE: Lilim with blonde hair and big vacant blue eyes falls from the sky; Tenchi breaks her fall. Cut to the Lilim in the house, looking innocently at the others.>

MIHOSHI: I'm looking for the Renegade demon Ryoko on behalf of the Game. Have you seen her?


<SCENE: Demon- a powerful one, dressed like a cross between a fop and a lab technician- sweeps up Ryouko's still body from the forest floor.>

Baron KAGATO: You'll be quite the loyal servant again... once Baal has reprogrammed you...


<SCENE: Cutscenes of Tenchi being surprised by revelations, of brief tender moments with Aeka and Ryouko, of the others flying off in Ryo-Ohki's artifact form in pursuit of Kagato. Cutscenes go on to include explosions, hand to hand struggle between Ryouko and Kagato, a sleeping redheaded Elohite Master of Lightning imprisoned in crystal, Aeka being slammed against a wall, and finally Tenchi, in full battle array, charging Kagato, sword blazing in his hands...>


VOICEOVER (GRANDPA): You are one of a dying race, Tenchi, one of the last of the Grigori. Within you is the power to save your friends... and our world...



Heaven and Earth Have No Need

* * * * * *


... um... I think this was really lame.

("I like it!")

You would.

("Well... here, let's write up Washuu as an IN character, that might cheer you up.")


WASHUU, Elohite Master of Lightning,
Angel of Mad Scientists

NOTE: This writeup describes Washuu for the OVA continuity of TenchiMuyo!.

ETH FORCES - 6 (INT 12, PRE 12)

Special Rites: Perform an impossible feat using science and only science (+1)

Vessels: Vessel/3 Char +1 (cute adolescent), Vessel/4 Cha + 2 (buxom mature woman)

Attunements: Elohite of Lightning, Seraph of Lightning, Malakite of Lightning

Skills: Dodge/4, Chemistry/6, Computer/6, Electronics/6, Engineering/6, Escape/3, Knowledge (Physics)/6, Medicine/6, Seduction/1

Songs: None

* * * * *
You know, there isn't exactly a Discord for 'Mentally Deranged.'

("You'll find something.")
* * * * *

Discord: Lustful/1, Obsessed/6 (Science!)*

* Jean has intervened on Washuu's behalf at least once for her massive Discord for her loyalty to Heaven and her extreme skill in fulfilling Jean's mission.a Dominic is suspicious of what looks like a 'good Habbalite,' but has not (yet) taken action. Of course, she's spent the past 75 years as a prisoner of a Baron of the War, so the case has been of minor importance...

Why the Discord? Well, Washuu hasn't been totally objective in a looooooong time.... she can be objective for scientific purposes, but when it comes to the applications of that science, she gets -very- subjective.


Other Cast Members:

Ryouko - Renegade Djinn of the War
Ryo-Ohki - Renegade Familiar (parent Renegade Familiar of Technology)
Aeka - Malakite of War
Sasami - Mercurian of War (with Malakite of War attunement)
Mihoshi - Lilim of the Game (note: Perception = 2)
Yosho - Grigori
Kagato - Habbalah Baron of the War
Washuu - Elohite Master of Lightning
Tsunami - Mercurian Friend of War
Tenchi (pre-ep-6) - 6-force Child of the Grigori
Tenchi (post-ep-6) - 9-force Child of the Grigori


There. Now will you let me do something productive?

("Sure! See ya next time!")


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