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ERRATA - In Nomine Angelic Player's Guide - July 23, 2010

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P. 10. Replace the fourth paragraph under Religion with this one:

Yves, in urging humanity toward its brightest possible future, saw that religion gave people strength in times of weakness. The example of Judaisim led him to suggest monothesism as a way to offer humanity strength without feeding the pagan gods at the same time. Eli made a great deal of progress with the prophet Zoroaster, and saw his teachings spread as Persia grew. The Archangel of Destiny watched for four centuries, then acted.

Change the first sentence in the fifth paragraph under Religion to read: "With the help of Gabriel and Raphael, in ways that even today are not all that clear, Yves grew Christianity from a splintered cult to an accepted religion in a mere 300 years."

Replace the third sentence under The Persecution of Gabriel with this one: "Though the Faithful were initially tolerant of others, believing all to be sons of Abraham, it took only 500 years before the forces of Islam and Christianity were in violent conflict."

P. 27. Under Words, the angel of Dictionaries is Randolph, an Ofanite of Destiny - not a Seraph.

P. 28. Raphael is incorrectly listed as a Cherub under Some Famous Cherubim. Raphael was an Elohite.

New! P. 30. Cherubim Check Digit Table (Special Use at -2 Penalty): This check digit table is slated to be examined and possibly replaced by simpler mechanics that do not require a table, though the concept behind it is likely to be preserved.

New! P. 31. Cherubim Check Digit Table (Special Use at -2 Penalty): This check digit table is slated to be examined. The concepts it uses are borderline for the Cherubic resonance, and the table may simply be deleted.

P. 32. Strike the parenthetical regarding Tariel under Overzealous (Celestial). On p. 195 of the main book, he doesn't have this Discord. (He does, however, have dissonance, and if he gets any more, he's certainly likely to develop Overzealous! He may even be developing "False Discord" as suggested on p. 107 of the Angelic Player's Guide, as a reaction to that dissonance - but he doesn't have Discord yet.)

New! P. 49. Replace the second paragraph, that starts, "Hitler served as a prime example", with:

Hitler served as a prime example of the agonizing restraint that Malakim must show. By an infinite number of standards, Hitler was evil - but he was humanly evil, with a sense of honor that was no more selfish than that of any other misguided human. By the time the consequences of his beliefs were clear . . . He was too public and protected to reach without revealing supernatural powers to the rest of humanity.

P. 50. Under Burning Touch (Corporeal), change "physical damage equal to the Malakite's Corporeal Forces" to "physical damage equal to the level of the Discord".

Under Evil Warning (Ethereal) change "it provides full information according to a normal check-digit roll" with "it provides information normally, with a minimum check digit equal to the level of the Discord".

P. 54. Under More Sophisticated Uses of Resonance, A Kyriotate who makes a Perception roll at -2 can use the check digit as described. This is still an aspect of their resonance, however, and non-Kyriotates using the Song of Possession cannot use this ability.

New! P. 55. Kyriotate Check Digit Results (Special Use at -2 Penalty): This check digit table is slated to be examined, and possibly replaced by simpler mechanics that do not require a table, though the concept behind it is may be preserved.

New! P. 56. Kyriotate Check Digit Results (Special Use at -4 Penalty): Remove this check digit table, as it impinges on the Choir Attunement of Kyriotates of Yves. Replace the table with the text:

Kyriotates, upon first possessing a host, may make a Perception roll at -4 to grasp at the most recent, strong memories. The GM may give a bonus for a particularly intense goal, such as "Drive my pregnant wife to the hospital in time." The check digit gives the relative detail - a check digit of 1 might yield a feeling that there was something family-related that the host intended to do. A check digit of 6 could uncover that the host must pick up her child at the bus stop, because the child does not have a house key.

GMs may also make a secret Perception roll, again at -4, if the Kyriotate is confronted with something that the host would have a strong emotional reaction to: family, enemies, a phobia, a drug the host is addicted to, etc. Perceptive Kyriotates are very good at reading the cues of their hosts; the brief flashes of emotion that they get also give them something else to talk about with Elohim.

Note that the Host Scarf in the Liber Reliquarum accesses the deleted table; Kyriotates who possess the Host Scarf may still use this table! (The Liber Reliquarum's errata will be updated when the Angelic Player's Guide (first edition) goes out of print, or sooner.)

P. 57. In the second paragraph under Dealing With Dissonance, "Human Society" should be "Humane Society".

P. 58. Replace the first paragraph under Kyriotates and Superiors with: "Blandine: Once a Kyriotate of Blandine has entered the Marches via a sleeping host, it may relinquish all its hosts if it wishes." (Servitors of Blaindine cannot go celestial on Earth, outside of a Tether, without dissonance, so they cannot go celestial before going to sleep!)"

P. 61. In the last sentence, change "This date" to "This data".

New! P. 62. Mercurian Check Digit Results (Special Use at -2 Penalty): Delete this table; it impinges on the Lilim resonance, and especially the Bright Lilim resonance. (Bright Lilim would not be so valuable, as the Core Rules state they are, if many Mercurians could pull off this trick. GMs may wish to house-rule that this is a Special Use of the Bright Lilim resonance!)

New! Mercurian Check Digit Results (Special Use at -4 Penalty): This check digit table is slated to be examined and possibly replaced with simpler mechanics that do not require a table, though the concept is sufficiently Mercurian that some form of it should be retained.

P. 63. Replace the first paragraph of "Touchy Situations" with:

Mercurians become dissonant when they cause direct, physical harm to humans. Violence is always a dangerous thing for the Intercessionists to engage in, unless they are /sure/ none of their opponents are human. (A Mercurian who is violent to anything /but/ humans may not be dissonant - but Judgment always worries about such behavior when it crops up.)

In the 3rd paragraph, beginning "Soldiers of Hell," change the first part to: "Soldiers of Hell and undead are still humans;".

P. 65. Replace the paragraph under Yves with this one: "Acting on the information their attunement gives them, these angels can change the future they intuited - but they cannot detect the effects of any future celestial meddling."

P. 72. Dominic cannot be Summoned, and therefore never disturbs the Symphony that way.

New! Blandine's paragraph. Replace the "If summoned" sentence with: "If summoned, Blandine prefers to manifest with the Corporeal Song of Projection (Liber Canticorum, p. 48), or in a 'daydream' that only her invoker experiences."

P. 79. In the third paragraph under Creating Young Angels, change "Mercy" to "Merciful".

P. 82. In the last paragraph before Roleplaying, replace ", in the supplement Night Music," with " (Night Music, p. 99)".

Pp. 84-86. The "Angel Reproduction" chapter has been extensively rewritten. Key changes include:

P. 84. Delete "The only angels who don't need the help of an Archangel to reproduce were (or, just perhaps, are) the Grigori. Their vessels are part of the Symphony, just like humans, so they can reproduce freely." (Grigori can have mortal children with human mates. They do not have little Grigori/angel/demon babies with each other . . . or with humans!)

P. 85. In the third paragraph under Momma Was an Angel, Daddy was a Devil, change the last sentence to "He is an Outcast at birth."

P. 87. Under Tamar, Reliever of Fire, add a page reference for Tania, Demoness of Suicide (Night Music, p. 24).

P. 98. Under Starting Over, change the first paragraph to:

An angel who changes Archangels will have his Heart attuned to his new Superior's Word. He loses all Choir Attunements except that for his own Choir. His former boss will, with rare exceptions, remove access to his old Rites. Distinctions, his own Choir's Choir Attunement, and Servitor Attunements are more negotiable and whether or not he retains them depends on which Archangels are involved (see the Superiors series of books), and if the transfer was cordial. If attunements are lost, so are the character points invested in them (if any). The GM may grant equivalent boons from the new Superior to match the lost ones, or "pool" the lost points for rapid advancement (as with young angels, p. 79), but players should no more assume this than characters should presume to second-guess Archangels.

P. 103. Replace the first paragraph under Word-Bound Outcasts with:

It's rare for a Word-bound angel to stray so far as to become an Outcast, but it happens. Word-bound Outcasts keep their Words; the Seraphim Council could only remove a Word if the angel is present, and would probably (mercifully) destroy any angel who was so deviant as to require such action. They could award the same Word to another angel, but this creates all the usual problems of shared Words (see the Game Master's Guide for more about shared Words). Thus, the Council will only consider awarding that Word to someone who can track down the Outcast and soul-kill him. And they will only grant the Word after this has been done. Since the target's former Archangel may object to this if there is any hope of the Outcast repenting, the Council rarely approves of the Word-bound being hunted down. Word-bound Outcasts will retain their Word until they die, redeem themselves, or Fall.

P. 105. In the second full paragraph of the second column, replace "collective destiny" with "collective fate". 'Fate' connotes a negative future.

P. 110. Under Dominic, replace "The moment one becomes very dissonant, they" with "Angels with four (or more) notes of dissonace".

P. 115. Under Scrutiny, delete "As mentioned before".

P. 117. In the third full paragraph, delete "or any Lilim".

In the last paragraph, delete "At least, not yet."

P. 119. In the New Contact Weapons box, Spear should have only one asterisk.

P. 124. Novalis' page reference is pp. 132-133.

Yves' page reference is pp. 134-135.

P. 125. Fighting's default is 0.

P. 126. Harmony - Ethereal renders people incapable of physical conflict.

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