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ERRATA - In Nomine - July 23, 2010

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So that readers know which Choir/Band attunements have since been restricted or partially restricted, the Line Editor has provided these notes for the first printing errata.

P. 2. Add Carlo S. Settineri Jr. to the playtester list.

P. 25. Under What Are They?, in the third paragraph replace "and compare it to the sample on the next page" to "and compare it to the sample on p. 37".

P. 36. In the Character-Creation Quick Reference, step 4, Remnants may allocate 5 Forces, none of which may be Celestial.

P. 43. When determining the cost of a Role, round fractions up.

P. 46. In the first Using Skills example, replace both occurrences of "Small Weapon" with "Ranged Weapon".

Note: This is a revision to a previous erratum. Delete: Paul also gets to add in his Corporeal Forces.

In the example under Songs, replace both instances of "Ethereal" with "Celestial".

P. 47. In the first paragraph, replace "5 hours (the result of the check digit)" with "5 minutes (the result of the check digit) plus 10 minutes times your Celestial Forces".

P. 48. At the end of Sex and the Single Celestial replace "if He didn't mind" with "unless He didn't mind".

In the fifth paragraph under Vessels, replace the last sentence with these three: "Mortals can buy Toughness, at 4 points per level. Humans can only have two levels of Toughness. Extra character points may be spent at creation to add Charisma."

P. 50. In the Divine Example at the top of the page, Carin can raise her chance of success by 2 by giving herself an extra minute, and by 3 if she takes five minutes with it.

In the Diabolical Example, Matthew's Status of 2 costs him only 2 points. Drop Tongue to 5 and Mechanic to level 3. He has a good chance to freak people out (Strength of 7, plus Fighting/3, plus Corporeal Forces of 3 equals 13!). This is his chance to hit with any bare-handed attack. His chance to hit with his Numinous Corpus: Tongue is 15, with the +2 Accuracy from Tongue added in.

P. 51. In the second paragraph under The Ethereal - The Marches, Beleth is the Demon Princess of Nightmares, not Fear.

P. 53. Replace the first two sentences in the third paragraph under The Celestial - Heaven and Hell with this one: "Outcast angels and renegade demons may still assume their celestial forms, but may not travel to Heaven or Hell."

P. 55. Under Destroying, replace the two paragraphs with the following:

Every 4 hits of physical damage done to a corporeal object (or being!) sends out a small ripple in the Symphony. (Few celestials are so perceptive that they can pick out the damage done by emotional or mental trauma, though.) Injury to the corporeal vessel of another celestial does not disturb the Symphony - but injury to a mortal host (animal or human) does!

Under Killing a Human, add the following sentence to the end of the paragraph: " Also, as with the deaths of animals (see "Destroying," above), there is an additional +1 disturbance for each Corporeal Force possessed by the dead human(s)."

P. 56. In the second paragraph under Resonance Mechanics, change "equal to his" to "equal to or lower than his", change "for angels and Lilim" to "for Lilim and most angels" and change "for other demons" to "for Kyriotates and most demons".

P. 57. The first full paragraph should be moved to the end of Results of Resonance Failure on p. 56 and changed to:

The check digit of a failed resonance roll determines how many hours an angel or demon must wait before he may try his resonance again for that specific purpose and target. In the meantime, he is free to use his resonance toward other ends, unless it was a 6 - see above.

In the last paragraph of Resonance Mechanics, change the beginning of the second sentence to read "Will-based resonances".

P. 62. In the second paragraph under Corporeal Combat, change the second sentence to "A weapon attack adds the weapon skill as well." Precision-based attacks use Precision instead of Strength, but ranged weapons do not add Corporeal Forces.

Under Physical Healing, demons regenerate a hit point at sunset.

P. 63. In the second paragraph under Ethereal Combat, change the fourth sentence to "An ethereal weapon attack adds the weapon skill as well."

P. 64 In the fourth paragraph under Celestial Combat, change the second sentence to "A celestial weapon attack adds the weapon skill as well."

P. 66. Under Weapons, the examples are on p. 65. Replace "Precision" with "Accuracy" in the text and in the example.

P. 67. Physical Death, and After: Corporeal death for spirits of the Marches has been changed in Revelations II: The Marches. When a spirit's corporeal vessel is destroyed, it returns to the ethereal realm, at whatever place it considers "home" or otherwise safe. A spirit's period of Trauma (below) is measured in weeks rather than days, and the Will roll to recover from Trauma is made at a -2. Furthermore, every failed Will roll costs the spirit 1 Force! Thus, many spirits fade away to nothing when they lose their Vessels. This makes corporeal "death" very dangerous for ethereals, which is why so many spirits met the true death during the Purification, and why they are so cautious about returning to Earth.

In the third paragraph of Physical Death, and After, delete the parenthetical phrase.

Under Trauma, change "right then," to "right then (usually in a Body Bag, p. 71),".

P. 70. Stealthy Shoes are footgear enhanced with the Move Silently skill.

P. 71. Holy or Unholy Bullets in a Holy or Unholy Pistol, respectively, will do hits equal to the check digit of the hit plus the Power of the pistol. Since the Power of the pistol is its Resource level times the check digit, the final damage calculation is check digit times (Resource level + 1).

P. 72. The first sentence should read "The cost of a Role is determined by multiplying Status by Level and dividing the result by 2 (round up)."

Under Journalist, delete the reference to the Literacy skill.

P. 73. Under Acrobatics, move the reference to p. 74 to the end of the last sentence - it is referencing Dodge.

P. 74. Dodge is based on Agility, Precision, or Perception, depending on the type of combat (see p. 66). Change the last sentence to "A successful Acrobatics roll adds its check digit to the target number for a Dodge roll against nonprojectile weapons - you can acrobatically dodge a sword, but not a rain of bullets."

Pp. 74-75. In the third paragraph of Emote, delete "If the emoter makes his roll, then subtract the roll's check digit from the Detect Lies roll;" Change "; if he doesn't" to "If the emoter failed his roll, add the check digit to any Detect Lies roll!"

P. 75. Replace the second paragraph under Fast-Talk with: "The character engages in a Contest of his Fast-Talk versus the victim's roll." Change the first sentence of the third paragraph from, "If the target makes his Will roll" to "If the target wins the Contest".

Fighting is based on Strength, Intelligence, or Will, plus appropriate Forces, depending on the type of combat (see pp. 62-64). Fighting's default is 0, not -1.

P. 76. Under Lying, remove ", minus the successful roll's check digit".

P. 77. In the third sentence of Singing, delete the word "Ethereal".

P. 79. Under Charm, third paragraph, each extra point of Essence spent (beyond the required 2) also adds a +1 to succeed.

The range of the Ethereal Dreams song is the target's dreamscape.

P. 80. Entropy can be used within touching range, although the performer does not actually need to touch the subject. Melee ranges are okay; sniper ranges are not.

P. 81. In the first sentence of Motion, replace "created" with "discovered".

P. 82. Replace the Numinous Corpus Acid entry with the following. This is a revision of a previous erratum.

The performer grows acid glands in his mouth, and can spit acid at any target within a range equal to his Corporeal Forces in yards. The Power and Accuracy of this ability are equal to the level purchased; however, unlike other Numinous Corpus, it can only be used a number of times equal to the check digit before being exhausted. Any unspent acid loses its potency after check digit hours.

For the Numinous Corpus Wings use the flying rules on the very top of p. 65. Winged Movement is Agility×10 yards per round.

P. 83. The Celestial Song of Motion has a base Essence Requirement of 2.

In the third paragraph under Projection, each additional mind increases the Essence cost by 2 and the roll's difficulty by 1.

P. 84. Top of the second column: the Essence Requirement for the Song of Projection is 2 per person projected.

P. 85. The Crippled Discord reduces either Strength or Agility by the level of the Discord, at the player's choice - either focusing the damage on one stat or spreading the impact among the two - but cannot reduce either of them any further than 1. If taking additional levels of this Discord would reduce a characteristic below 1, then no further levels can be taken.

P. 88. In the third paragraph under Geas, change the example: "if a person is under a geas to deliver certain photographs to his demonic master within a week, he will take one hit for every week he avoids doing it. Once the geas is lifted, the human's damage will be instantly healed."

P. 89. The level of the Need Discord is the number of times per day that the Need must be met.

P. 94. Under Game Mechanics, in the third paragraph, replace "the chart below" with "the chart above".

P. 104. Change the first two sentences under Dissonance to: "Mercurians cannot be violent toward humans. Violence is the antethesis of politics, the dampener of reason."

P. 114. Delete "in humans" from the Malakim entry under Choir Attunements.

Replace the text under Kyriotates with the following selection: "Dominic's Kyriotates generate no dissonance for taking poor care of a host, if that person is evil."

P. 116. Under Seraphim, replace "performing their resonance upon" with "turning their Perception on".

P. 117. Under Abracadabra, delete iron from the list of simple, mundane and common earthly substances.

P. 119. Delete "It gets a +1 Accuracy; if it hits," from the Smite Servitor Attunement. Attunements do not require "to hit" rolls (and most do not require a roll to use at all, but are automatically successful). It does a number of hits equal to the angel's Celestial Forces times the Essense used to power it. The target may try to Dodge normally.

Replace the paragraph under Vassal of Fire with:

A Vassal of Fire may strengthen or reduce any normal fire anywhere in sight by the strength of thought alone. He can contain a fire within the area of effect, letting it burn out without spreading, or he can cause it to burn faster and leap higher. The fire may be made to spread or shrink at a rate of a yard per round, or leap upward to a height equal to its current radius. More detailed control isn't possible. This power persists as long as the angel concentrates on it, and can cover an area up to ten yards wide.

Change Master of the Light to "Master of the Flame of Heaven". In the first paragraph replace "luminous sphere" with "sphere of flames". Add the following as the last sentence, "The flames are formed of light only, and do not cause damage, nor do they affect the angel's allies, or any innocent bystanders."

P. 127. Under Seraphim, add the following as the last sentence: "(This is based on their foes' motives for fighting . . . the cause they are currently fighting for is immaterial.)"

Add the following to the end of the Cherubim entry: "(including through visual reproductions - see p. 57)" Under Kyriotates, replace the last two sentences in the second paragraph with, "The Role is free, but if its Status would be greater than its level, the GM may require the Role to be increased with character points. The body is a vessel/1, but may be improved normally with character points." Replace the last paragraph with following:

Other hosts may be possessed at the same time, using normal Kyriotate rules, but the angel can't abandon this vessel - even when it's made to "vanish" (like other vessels), 5 of the Kyriotate's Forces are bound into it. However, it generates no dissonance if it's damaged or destroyed, though the angel must buy this attunement again if his vessel is killed.

Add a new sentence after the second sentence under The Blade Blessing of Laurence as follows: "This Power is added to the normal Power of the weapon, even relics (but they must be actual blades; a Fiery Sword doesn't count)."

Under Vassal of the Sword, add "(including diabolical resonances and attunements)" after "demonic provocation".

P. 130. Add the following to the end of the Kyriotates entry: "The vessel is created by Michael, as are vessels for other angels, but he will usually take the Kyriotate's own wishes or needs into consideration. It requires the same number of Forces as a normal host of that type (5 for a human). Any Forces invested in the vessel can't be used to possess other creatures, even when the vessel isn't manifested."

P. 131. Change the second sentence under Kyriotates' Choir Attunements to read "And like others of their Choir, they may still inhabit as many Forces' worth of hosts and/or vessels as the total amount of their Forces - minus 5 Forces if they choose to have a human vessel of their own! (The GM may rule that animal vessels tie up fewer Forces.)"

Add this sentence to the Howl description: "As usual, the angel can dodge but not attack for that round."

P. 137. Under Heaven, the discussion of the Celestial Realm is on p. 53.

P. 144. In the third paragraph under Game Mechanics, replace "cannot cause it harm, either physical or emotional" with "cannot cause it physical harm".

P. 147. Add a reference to p. 88 for geas in the first Resonance paragraph under Lilim.

P. 148. Change the first sentence of the second paragraph under Free Lilim to "Such a Lilim will of course have no Prince-granted Rites or attunements when first created, nor will she have a Heart (see p. 185)."

P. 157. Replace the picture with a box containing the following:


Oathtaking is a way to bestow an extra Force on a mortal, making him a Soldier of Hell. The attunement summons a specially-prepared Force from the demon's Prince (who is aware of this use of designated Forces) and attaches it to the designated human. The human must be aware that he is selling himself to Hell, and doing so willingly. If he already has his maximum number of Forces, he will die - see the Corporeal Player's Guide.

Oathtaking is a diabolical attunement that any Prince can bestow - it is actually a special kind of Distinction, and therefore costs no points. Most high-ranking Word-bound Servitors are authorized to induct Hellsworn Soldiers. Unless there's some reason not to, Princes grant it to any demon who is a Captain or higher.

P. 158. Add the following to the end of the Dissonance entry: "(However, faking affection to manipulate a human is permissible, as is recognizing the useful quality of a human tool and keeping it in good 'working condition.')"

P. 159. Replace the last two lines under Djinn with the following: "roll or Will-based skill roll made to influence his victim, and to any resonance roll thereafter if he is attuned to the target. Other Servitors who take this attunement can use any part of it except where it involves being attuned to the victim."

Under Calabim, add ", using their resonance," after "Calabim of Lust" in the first line.

Add the following to the end of the Lilim entry: ", although they must roll to establish the check digit for the level of those needs."

Add the following to the end of the Kiss of Death entry: "(As an Impudite, Andre rarely likes finding that this grande morte has been used on a human, but he doesn't often ask, either.)"

P. 163. Replace the second paragraph of State of Ophis with: "This attunement allows a demon, with a Will roll and 2 points of Essence, to assume his celestial form without creating any untoward ripples in the Symphony."

P. 165. Impudites may add the number of minutes most recently spent in a target's nightmare to any resonance roll against that victim.

P. 167. Under Firewalker, they can heal lost Body hits when touched by flames.

P. 168. Under Dissonance, replace "population centers" with "the mortal crowds". Also, add the following as the final sentence, "They can't hold back the urgency of Gluttony without taking dissonance for it."

Under Balseraphs, add "at a level equal to the demon's Corporeal Forces, " after "upon their victims, ". Add the following as the final sentence, "While humans do not gain actual Discord, they behave as though they had Gluttony while the resonance lasts."

Under Djinn, replace the last phrase with "towards anybody to whom they are attuned who has the Celestial Discord (or disadvantage) of Gluttony!"

Add the following to the end of the Lilim entry: "The Lilim can only prepare a meal for one person at any given time, although they do not have to select the target until the food is offered. If other Bands take this attunement, then the meal is irresistible to the target, but they don't get a Geas out of it."

Replace the Shedim entry with:

If the host of one of these Shedim is a glutton (GM's decision), then his resistance rolls against the Shedite's Will are reduced by the demon's Corporeal Forces!

P. 171. Under Lilim, replace "daring" with "daring (or geasing!)".

P. 176. Add the following as the first sentence under Dissonance: "The machinery of the Media needs endless fodder."

Under Balseraphs, replace "computers are also vulnerable" with "computers and many other media are also vulnerable". Also, replace "say anything" with "read anything".

Pp. 176-177. Swap the first two sentences under Djinn with the entire paragraph under Calabim, replacing "Djinn" with "Calabim," and vice versa, in the text.

P. 177. Add the following to the end of the Shedim entry: "They must still corrupt their hosts, and purchase this attunement more than once for multiple servants, but when a mortal becomes too corrupt to use, their Band Attunement allows them to be assigned a new one."

P. 178. Replace the text under Habbalah with the following selection:

The Habbalah who serve Saminga can remote-control a corpse with a Will roll, up to 50 yards away. This is like a temporary zombi, which lasts as long as they concentrate on it. They must do nothing else while manipulating their puppet, or any actions of the corpse will be at -4 to skill.

P. 179. Under Vampiric Kiss, the check digit gives the number of hits of Body damage done to the victim.

P. 191. In the last paragraph under Celestial Spirits, a celestial needs 7 Forces to become demon, 9 to become an angel. Lucifer chose quantity. This is a change to previous erratum.

A Small Dog has 1 Corporeal (Str).

P. 192. Under Familiars, alter the first paragraph to "A familiar is a spirt with a corporeal vessel - generally that of a small animal, such as a cat or a dog. Other common forms for familiars are bats, rats, wolves and owls. A familiar is always someone's servant (p. 45). Disobedience to his master generates dissonance for the familiar. This dissonance reduces his Will to resist his master's instructions."

Alter the second paragraph to: "If a familiar's vessel is killed, he will be in Limbo (Heaven and Hell, p. 79), in Trauma. His master may, of course, send him Essence to help rebuild his vessel in Limbo."

Under Gremlins, delete the reference to the Song of Fire.

P. 193. After the first full sentence, insert this one: "They gain the ability to learn and use Celestial Songs."

Under Mummies, in the first sentence, strike "much as a familiar is bound to an animal vessel." (In the Infernal Player's Guide and Angelic Player's Guide, a celestial spirit with a vessel is like a celestial with a vessel, and can "go celestial" normally. Unless, of course, it has the Bound Discord, which some Princes may find useful for familiars . . .)

Ishmael has the songs Dreams (Ethereal/6, Celestial/6); Charm(Celestial/3).

P. 194. In the subheading under Orc, he is a Kyriotate Master of the Machine, and in Attunements, he has "Master of the Machine" not "Master of Technology".

P. 196. Under Marcus, his third Attunement is Zombi.

P. 197. Sabrina is not a balanced starting character, because she has a level/2 Geas Discord and the Captain of Lust Distinction

P. 203. Under Mixing It Up, change "Prince" to "Superior" in the last paragraph.

P. 205. Under Music, that's Glenn Danzig's Black Aria.

P. 206. Add this entry: "Accuracy, 65, 66."

Add this entry: "Contest, 39."

In the Free Will index entry, insert "67, " to the page references.

P. 207. Change the Precision entry to read "Precision, 35".

Delete "78, " from the Stunning entry.

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