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ERRATA - In Nomine Liber Castellorum - July 23, 2010

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 3. Add Jo Hart to the list of authors for the Castella Mundi chapter.

P. 33. Replace the first sentence in the Multiple Seneschals box with: "Celestials on the same side almost never share Words, and two Seneschals cannot be Word-bound to the same Tether."

P. 52 & 53. These illustrations need to be reversed! (The fire-lady is demonic, and should illustrate Belial's Tethers, on p. 53, while the angelic figure should be illustrating Michael's, on p. 52.)

P. 81. In the first sentence under Unusual Tether: The Syracusan Bath replace "Greece" with "Sicily". Sicily was part of the Greek world in 250 BC.

P. 127. The last index entry for Jean, Archangel of Lightning should be 80-81.

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