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ERRATA - In Nomine Liber Servitorum - July 23, 2010

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 33. Under Servant, Ana Bryzneski is a Class/5 Servant, not Class/4.

P. 35. Kyoko has the Cherub of Flowers attunement, not the Elohite of Flowers attunement. The Elohite of Flowers attunement is resonance-based, so a Malakite cannot have it.

P. 47. In Sihon's Ethereal Forces, replace "Perception" with "Precision".

P. 67. In the first sentence, replace "is" with "in".

In Dana Jones' Songs, add "(see Corporeal Player's Guide, p. 91)" to the end of the entry.

P. 78. Under Skills, replace "Lying/3" with "Fast-Talk/3".

P. 80. Under Attunements, add "Balseraph of Factions".

P. 128. Under Gabriel, Archangel of Fire, delete the entry under Servitors, and replace with: "16, 17."

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