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ERRATA - In Nomine Superiors 1: War and Honor - July 23, 2010

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 4. In the last paragraph it's Laurence, not Lawrence.

P. 33. Remove the reference to the Integrity attunement in the last paragraph before Creationers in Service to Stone.

P. 56. Under Songs, Zadok should have Tongues at /1, not /4.

P. 57. Under Attunements, remove the Seraph of Judgment attunement, it's restricted.

P. 98. In the boxed text, the quotation is from H.L. Mencken.

P. 142. Add to the last line of the page the following: "informed the Game anonymously. Now they sit back and watch the fun!"

P. 143. Change "Angela, Kyriotate Servitor of Stone" to "Angela, Kyriotate Servitor of the Sword".

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