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ERRATA - In Nomine Core Rules - July 23, 2010

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Throughout. There are several minor errors in proper terminology for celestial beings in plural and singular. Adjectival use should always use the singular ("Malakite hit squad") rather than the plural. Refer to the table below for correct usage:

CherubCherubim (not "Cherubs"!)

Essence has no units; any reference to "a point of Essence" should simply be "1 Essence," while "two points of Essence" would be "2 Essence," and so forth.

P. 14. Vessels are no longer generated with Essence; that was a prior version of the rules.

P. 33. In Bands of Demons, in the Shedim entry change "They steal the bodies of others," to "They steal the bodies of humans."

P. 51. Dominic is the Archangel of Judgement, not Justice.

P. 62: Replace the second paragraph of Corporeal Combat with the following:

A bare-handed attack is rolled against (Strength + Corporeal Forces), plus any Fighting skill (see p. 75). A contact weapon attack adds the weapon skill instead of Fighting; Precision-based attacks use Precision instead of Strength. (Ranged weapons do not add Corporeal Forces.) Many weapons affect your roll to hit, or the damage done, or both. See Resolving Attacks, p. 66.

In the fourth paragraph (beginning "Physical Damage is measured . . ."), replace it with:

Physical damage is measured in Body hits. A celestial's total Body hits equal his vessel level plus Corporeal Forces, times Strength. (A possessed host's Corporeal Forces are that body's "vessel level.") Humans, including undead, have Body hits equal to Corporeal Forces plus any Toughness (p. 48), times Strength.

P. 116. Change "At the beginning of this century" to "Around the beginning of the twentieth century".

P. 142. In the last sentence on the page: Change "the perceptive Djinn" to "the Djinn" - Djinn do not use Perception to link to their attuned. Instead, they cling to the link with sheer, stubborn cussedness.

P. 143. First paragraph, second sentence: Change to "The Fleshless move freely and frequently from vessel to vessel, and the resonance of the Djinn can?t track them as reliably." to "The Fleshless move freely and frequently from host to host, and the resonance of the Djinn can't reliably track them."

P. 144. In the second paragraph, change "A Djinn may use his resonance" to "A Djinn may use his Willful resonance."

P. 147-148. Change the last paragraph of p. 147 to:

A Lilim can look into a person's eyes and see what he Needs - what she could give him to win his gratitude. After giving him his desire, she can subsequently impose a Geas upon her victim.

P. 148. Change the second sentence of the second paragraph to: "This will give her dissonance if she does not then fulfil her word, as she may not resist her own Geas."

P. 153. Change the last sentence of the Resonance section to: "It also gives the Takers the ability to charm most humans, and suck away their Essence for the demons' own purposes."

P. 159. Under Shedim, change "vessel" to "human".

P. 161. Under Shedim, change "borrowed vessel" to "borrowed body."

P. 192. Under "Familiars", after the second sentence (". . . bats, rats, wolves, and owls"), insert:

Relievers, imps, and gremlins can all be familiars, but a demonling or reliever on the corporeal plane does not have to be a familiar, even if it has a vessel!

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