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ERRATA - In Nomine Corporeal Player's Guide - July 23, 2010

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. [1]. Add Kris Overstreet to the Additional material credits.

P. 20. Just under the example that opens the page (in the paragraph that starts "10 is the normal human maximum"), delete "Undead and Saints, no longer limited by their mortal configuration of Forces, may exceed this;"

P. 23. Replace the first sentence under Attunements with "Only Word-bound celestials can grant attunements."

New! P. 39. Last paragraph of the description, first sentence, change to: "Exorcising minor ethereal spirits (less than 9 Forces)"

New! P. 39, 40. Exorcism Ritual, level 2, should say "affects diabolicals [b]less than[/b] 7 Forces"

New! P. 47. The Love Charm should have a duration of 30 hours, not 12.

P. 79. Add the following boxed text:

The Power of Fives

Humans are creatures of fives - five fingers, five (mundane) senses, five extensions off the body (head and limbs), and on average, five Forces. The human maximum is a melding of the holy three and the human five - fifteen Forces, five in each realm, ten for each characteristic. Even immortal humans are still human, and their metaphysical aesthetics are bound up in fives.

However, if the GM has different aesthetics, this limitation is easily removed so that Saints and undead can gain up to 18 Forces, just like celestials and ethereals. It's only three extra, after all.

P. 88. After the second sentence of Saints on Earth, add the following: "(They are still limited to a maximum of 15 Forces, though, like other humans.)"

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