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ERRATA - In Nomine Revelations III: Heaven and Hell - July 23, 2010

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1. Add Steve Bryant to the Additional Illustrations byline.

P. 4. In the fifth paragraph under In Heaven, Judgment Never Rests . . ., replace "Angel of War" with "Servitor of War".

P. 8. In the fifth paragraph of Collaboration with the Fallen, change "Prince of Plagues" to "Prince of Disease".

P. 14. In Dominic's Tethers, Etecius is a Seraph of 18 Forces.

P. 16. Gestrian is a Cherub of Judgment. She is not "a balanced starting character", since she has 40 points (not 36).

P. 21. Meeting the Boss: Each and every Servant of the Game can plan on a monthly (not weekly) visit from Asmodeus.

Pp. 23, 24. Argument of Casuistry functions like the Band attunement of the Balseraphs, not Choir attunement.

P. 43. Cherubim of Protection are especially attuned to their Charge.

The Aura of Divinity is immobile and lasts until the borders are breached, either by someone leaving or a non-malevolent sentient creature entering. To find the check digit, roll one die (or all three, in case of Interventions).

P. 46. Bring Habbalah into agreement with Superiors 4 by replacing their Band Attunement with:

Habbalah (restricted)
Habbalah of Mammon may add their Ethereal Forces when attempting to impose the emotional effect of Greed. This functions much like the Celestial Discord (In Nomine, p. 88); for a number of days equal to the demon's check digit, his victim will feel intensely dissatisfied with his current possessions and level of wealth, and will be unable to think of anything but acquiring more.

P. 50. Replace the first paragraph with: "Celestials in the Marches cannot ascend to their Hearts from the ethereal plane. They must either awaken in their vessels and ascend from the corporeal plane, or find a Tether to the celestial plane (such as the Towers of Blandine and Beleth, or the path up Gabriel's Volcano (Liber Castellorum, p. 14)."

In the fourth paragraph under From Earth, replace "although Renegades can still" with "although they can still". Outcasts can also assume their celestial form on Earth.

In the last paragraph under From Earth, replace the third sentence with, "The majority of the human souls who get to the celestial plane that way do not return." At the end of the paragraph, insert "(see Night Music, p. 44)".

P. 51. In the second paragraph under Getting Back, delete reference to ethereal bodies; there is no such thing. Also, Kyriotates and Shedim must inhabit a corporeal host (not vessel).

P. 54. In the second sentence of Celestial Existance, delete the reference to ethereal form.

Pp. 60-61. Replace the Demons in Heaven section with these paragraphs:

It is not actually true - as much as the angels would like to believe - that it is impossible for demons to enter Heaven. It is only very, very painful for them to do so. If a demon attempts to ascend to Heaven by following an angel, the demon will succeed with a successful Will roll followed by a Perception roll as normal (In Nomine, p. 53). However, the Light of Heaven damages a celestial demon, though not so quickly as the focused Light within a Divine Tether (see the Liber Castellorum). Upon arriving, and every 10 minutes thereafter, the demon must make a Will roll to defend his personal symphony from the overwhelming True Symphony. If he succeeds, he takes Soul hits equal to his total Forces, minus the successful roll's check digit. If he fails, he takes Soul hits equal to his total Forces, plus the failed roll's check digit.

Furthermore, because demons are unnatural in Heaven, they create a disturbance equal to their Forces upon entering - and since angels do not normally cause disturbance when returning to their Hearts, such loud disturbances do not go unnoticed, save perhaps in abandoned Cathedrals. Any damage a demon does to an angel, a blessed soul or one of the constructs of Heaven (such as furniture, clothing, etc.) will also create disturbance, just as if the demon were on the corporeal plane. (The GM rules what "distance" means on the celestial plane.)

"Like angels in Hell, demons in Heaven cannot gain Essence, even from Rites. A demon can, of course, flee at any time back to his Heart or to the corporeal realm from whence he came.

That said, the demons have attempted numerous stratagems to place demonic skulkers in Heaven. The best-known methods involve Kronos, who still retains enough connection with the Symphony to mask the disturbance of demonic entry. If he wishes, he can replace the Celestial Forces of a demon with some of his own, creating a Symphonic "cloak" that will pass muster. (The "cloaking Forces" will also be the first to burn off in the Light of Heaven . . .) Such a cloak is still vulnerable to a successful angelic Perception roll, too, so demons covertly entering Heaven are advised to be discreet and get out rapidly. Since it involves expenditure of his own personal Forces (and since he never gets them back whole), Kronos will not cloak any demon except when asked to do so by Lucifer directly, or when it greatly furthers his own plans.

Dominic, of course, suspects every other Demon Prince of developing their own methods of covertly entering Heaven. Valefor might use some stolen relic to blanket demonic disturbance with Divine Essence, Saminga might attempt to insert soulless "ringers" among the crowds of arriving dead, Beleth might conspire with the unknown powers of the Far Marches to infiltrate some non-demonic but still Hell-loyal agent for her own purposes and Asmodeus might have plans even more subtle than all of these. Hence, the Inquisition always stays wary, and the Malakim on the walls of heaven look inward at times as well.

P. 65. In the second paragraph under The Higher Heavens, change the fourth sentence to read "The Archangels have not been there since the Fall, and do not speak of how it was."

P. 70. In the second paragraph under Commerce Park, replace "servant of Commerce" with "servant of Trade" in the third sentence.

P. 77. Under The Grotto of Oannes, Oannes was the Archangel of the Waters.

P. 79. In the first paragraph under Limbo, change "his only corporeal vessel" to "his corporeal vessel".

Going to Limbo: Heartless Kyriotates and Shedim are very careful to keep spare hosts (not vessels) nearby.

P. 86. Nurbis has Strength 12, Agility 8. Under his Skills, add Enchantment/6 and Necromancy/6.

P. 90. In Attunements under Caius Galendron, add "Impudite of Fate" and delete "Knight of the Winged Chariot, ".

P. 95. Staciel has Intelligence 12, Precision 12, and Charisma +3 (the maximum).

P. 96. Triel has Strength 12, Agility 12.

P. 99. Under Hellplaza Cineplex Sprawl, Kobal's (not Kronos') demons aren't working to bend the course of history or transform the planet in their image.

P. 101. Karne has Strength 12, Agility 8, Will 12, and Perception 12.

P. 106. In the last full paragraph of the second column, remove "or even sent to Earth, where they can finally prey on marks that don't live their lives expecting it."

P. 110. Beartador has Strength 12, Agility 12.

P. 115. Ahazia should be "Cherub Master of Protection," not Cherubim Master of Protection. Add: "Role: 'Rita Schwartz,' Activist/5, Status/3". Her Servant adds: "(Class/1, Level/6)".

P. 116. Mahari should have Strength 8, Celestial Forces 5, and Will 11. Add: "Role: 'Mr. Kui,' Businessman/5, Status/4". His Familiar adds: "(Class/3, Level/2)." Delete Lying/6 from his skills - Balseraphs Don't Lie. (They just "make truth" and "show it to others.") Change his Knowledge (Gentrification) to "Knowledge (Local Criminal Activities)".

P. 117. Japhia is Captain of the War.

Pp. 118-119. Loki and Thor each have a Vessel/6.

Back cover. Add Steve Bryant to the Additional Illustrations byline.

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