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ERRATA - In Nomine Infernal Player's Guide - July 23, 2010

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 41. Under Calabim and Superiors, replace "(above)" with "(see p. 39)".

P. 43 Under Some Famous Habbalah replace "Caimael" with "Camael", and change the Demon of Fast Food from "Kame" to "Karne".

Replace the first two paragraphs under Names with this one: "On Earth, Habbalah enjoy using exotic names with emotional charges, conjuring images or arousing feelings - or, enjoying the irony, ones with connotations of homeliness or the ordinary."

Pp. 46-47. Under Special Discords, change the subheadings to read Mutilation (Corporeal), Pity (Ethereal), and Unshielded (Celestial).

P. 52. Under Male Lilim, replace "a minority prefer" to "a substantial minority prefer".

P. 53. In the Andrealphus entry under Lilim and Superiors, replace "(above)" with "(see p. 51)".

P. 64. In the first paragraph (in the section Dealing with Dissonance continued from the previous page), change to beginning of the third sentence to read "An Impudite can rid himself of one point of dissonance".

P. 79. In the second paragraph under Hell's Freshmen, add "on Earth" to the end of the first sentence (so it reads "while the undead are everywhere on Earth").

P. 86. In the third full paragraph, change "Corporeal" to "Celestial" in the second sentence.

P. 95. In the third paragraph under Hell's Little Helpers, replace the sixth and seventh sentences with this one: "Infernal spirits with vessels (such as familiars) can switch between corporeal and celestial form normally, with the same requirements as any other celestial (In Nomine, p. 54)."

P. 96. Delete the third sentence ("If a familiar's vessel . . .") under Familiars. The statement is true for all spirits with vessels.

P. 112. In the example in the second column, Caiphas is female; change the masculine pronouns to their feminine counterparts.

P. 121. Change the Shedim entry to read:

Resonance: they possess human hosts, using them to make their corrupting marks on the world.
Game Mechanics: Will d666. Unwilling subject can make a Will roll to reject for a number of days equal to the Subject's Will check digit. Must win a Contest of Wills daily (with a bonus equal to the original Will check digit) and make the host do something evil. Detail on In Nomine,, p. 152. Advanced uses on p. 56.
Dissonance: fail to cause a host to commit an evil act.

Under II: Allocate Forces, demon PCs get 9 Forces.

Under the Superior Mechanics for Andrealphus, change the Band Attunement for Impudites to read: "add their Corporeal Forces to any resonance roll against a person they've had sex with".

P. 123. Under Servitor Attunements for Belial (at the top of the first column), replace "Smite" with "Firewalker".

Under Band Attunements for Haagenti, Shedim find it easier to possess those with Corporeal Discord or with Gluttonous.

P. 124. Under Band Attunements for Saminga, the Djinn can also detect undead; his Impudites may also kill humans without earning dissonance.

Under Band Attunements for Vapula, his Impudites can also measure the Essence in others.

P. 125. Fighting's default is 0.

P. 126. Possession's Degree of Disturbance is the check digit plus the performer's total Forces.

Projection's Degree of Disturbance is Celestial Forces × 2.

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