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ERRATA - In Nomine Liber Reliquarum - February 9, 2010

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

New! P. 33. The Song of Symphony has an Essence requirement of 4, not 1. (This matches the cost given on page 57 of the Liber Canticorum.)

P. 65. Under Magic Eight-Ball, change "invokes the Corporeal Song of Symphony (p. 32)" to "invokes the Song of Symphony (usually the Corporeal Song, though the Ethereal and Celestial versions may also be contained; p. 32)".

P. 100. The Shears of Atropos: The opening quote should read ". . . who carried 'the abhorréd shears' and . . ."

Atropos was the eldest of the Fates, not the youngest.

P. 118. Hypatia's Stronghold: change the first two sentences in the last paragraph to read "Besides accessing the outside world with the Song of Location, there is one other way to get to and from Hypatia's re-created Library: through a Tether to the Marches. This Tether was created by Hypatia's own actions, and originally manifested at Mount Olympus (The Marches, p. 99). Rather than have angels potentially using it to get to the Domain of the Greek gods, Athena allowed Blandine to stabilize the Tether and relocate it to the ethereal part of her Tower."

P. 124. Manaxiel, being a Malakite of Lightning, does not have the Seraph of Creation attunement - servitors of one Archangel in service to another are not granted attunements that the second offers other choirs.

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