King's Blood

King's Family

Rules by Group SNE

The object of the solitaire game is to build the deepest Genealogy possible.


Remove the "King's Blood" card and reference cards from the deck, then shuffle the other 81 cards together into a single draw pile. Draw seven cards.

Place one card face up to start the Genealogy. The Genealogy must start with a character card. Return any event cards drawn when selecting this first card to the draw pile and reshuffle.

Game Procedure

Play cards from your hand one at a time. The rules for active cards and playing cards are the same as King's Blood, with the exceptions below:

  1. You may not draw cards if you have any cards that are legal to play in your hand.
  2. You may have a maximum of 10 cards in your hand. Do not draw any cards (even when instructed to by special cards) that would increase your hand size above 10. If you have 10 cards in your hand and can not play any, then the game is over.
  3. You may play at most 10 cards in each generation (horizontal line) of the Genealogy.
  4. When you play a card with a special effect that also forms a Marriage, resolve the special effect and then resolve the Marriage.
  5. The special cards have different effects:
    • Skip: Draw one card.
    • Reverse: Draw two cards.
    • Draw 3: Draw three cards.
    • Assassination: Discard an Active Card and draw one card.
    • Enthronement: Attach this card to an active card and discard all the cards in the higher generations. Cards in the same generation as the card with "Enthronement" remain in the Genealogy.
    • Exile: Discard an Active Card and draw two cards.
    • King's Blood: Not used in the solitaire game.
    • New Connection: No changes in the solitaire version.

If you do not have any cards that are legal to play in your hand, draw one card from the draw pile. Repeat until you draw a card you can play, unless you have 10 cards in your hand.

If the draw pile is exhausted and there are more than 20 cards in the discard pile, reshuffle the discard pile and make a new draw pile. If there are 20 or fewer discards, you must continue the game with only the cards in your hand. You may not draw any more cards, even if there are more than 20 cards in the discard pile later.

Ending the Game

The game ends when you have no cards in your hand, when you have 10 cards in your hand but can not play any of them, or when the only cards you can play would result in a single generation having more than 10 cards.

Solitaire Scoring

Count the number of generations (horizontal lines in the Genealogy), and score one point for each generation. If there is an "Enthronement" card present, you score two points (instead of one) for the generation with the "Enthronement" card and all lower generations.

(Note that the "New Connection" can move an "Enthronement" card out of the top generation. This can decrease your score.)

You also get 10 points for each time you exhaust the draw pile.

Your final score is the total of these points.