Nominated for Best Fantasy Miniatures Series of 2003.
Dork Tower Miniatures
The Dork Tower gang as you've never seen them before -- in 3D!

John Kovalic's great characters are now 28mm metal miniatures. The stars of the wildly popular Dork Tower comic book are brought to life by legendary sculptor Tom Meier. They're dressed up in their best adventuring gear, and ready to tackle any challenge, even the dread Turbonium Dragon! (Dragon not included . . .)

In the Dork Tower Miniatures set you get Ken as a cleric, Matt as an archer, Kayleigh as a knight, Igor as an armored Munchkin . . . er, warrior, Gilly as a seductive sorceress, and Carson as a hairy-footed rogue.

One look, and you'll know what Igor means when he says, "It must be mine!"

Use your Dork Tower Miniatures to play Dork Tower, Chez Dork, and Dork Frag.

Boxed set of six 28mm miniatures. Suggested retail price
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