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Our first 28mm figure set! Sculpted by Richard Kerr to go with GURPS Steampunk, this box includes the big robot from the cover, his mad inventor, the clockwork cat, and other characters from the book. Eight figures in all, in a plastic storage box . . . imaginative, beautifully detailed, and ready for adventure in the Age of Steam.

Giant Ants

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Scuttling faster than a man can run . . . mindless, implacable, hungry to feed the hive . . . the Giant Ants!

Whether your game is Horror, Atomic Horror, or Steampunk, these sinister minis, sculpted by Richard Kerr, will bring new chills to your players. The set includes six realistic ants, the mad scientist who created them, and his sinister assistant Igor. The human figures are 28mm scale. The ants are more than human-sized in 28mm, but can be used with other scales as well.


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