Transhuman Space Miniatures

It's the year 2100. Humans have colonized the solar system. China and America struggle for control of Mars. The Royal Navy patrols the asteroid belt. Nanotechnology has transformed life on Earth forever, and gene-enhanced humans share the world with artificial intelligences and robotic cybershells. Our solar system has become a setting as exciting and alien as any interstellar empire. Transhuman Space is cutting-edge science fiction adventure that begins where cyberpunk ends.

And now, Richard Kerr has created the first set of miniatures for this exciting roleplaying line! Transhuman Space Miniatures has six gorgeous figures, including Felicia, Tennin, and Aquamorph parahumans, an uplifted Post-Canine, and more. They're perfect for Transhuman Space gaming, of course, but the figures also go with other science-fiction, superhero, and modern-day games.

Add the third dimension to Transhuman Space -- with Transhuman Space Miniatures.

6 miniatures in video box packaging. Suggested retail price
Stock number 13-0300 ISBN 1-55634-701-4