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You must meet Steve at the Empire State Building and get the lovely grimoire. Fnord.

(reload this page for a new fnord!)

Want to put a fnorder on your own website? The Illuminati think that's a fine idea . . .

  • Perl version: Unix gzip or PC zip file. Coded by Kira. This is the version that currently runs on the SJ Games home page.
  • Looking for the iPhone Fnorder? The Illuminati have decreed it needs its own page.

The following versions were coded in other languages and contributed by various people. Please note these were done at different times and have not all been updated . . . some may contain ancient vocabulary and syntax. If you feel industrious, you can download the last content update we did for Perl and make the updates yourself. Or just give in and use the Perl version. :)

You are permitted to download a copy for personal use, but do not upload it to FTP sites. If you are interested in licensing this product for commercial use, please contact

Now that we are giving away the iPhone fnorder, with its enhanced syntax and updated word lists, we are no longer specifically requesting a shareware donation for earlier versions. Of course, you can put something in the PayPal tip jar if you like. But we will be happy if you just play with these, enjoy them, and think good thoughts about us and about the coders who ported all these different versions. Hail Eris!

Thanks, and enjoy the Fnorder!

Perl version of Fnorder coded by Kira and copyright 1997 by Steve Jackson Games. All rights reserved. Based on the original fnord.exe program from the Illuminati BBS, coded by Creede Lambard.

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