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ERRATA - In Nomine Revelations II: The Marches - July 23, 2010

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P. 14. In the first sentence, replace "Sentinels" with "Guardians".

P. 15. In the first paragraph under the italics example: change "slightest dissonance in the Symphony" to "slightest disturbance in the Symphony."

Above Resonance: Add the first paragraph from Choir Attunement (p. 17), that begins, "The Menunim are a Choir dedicated to service to Blandine."

In the last sentence of first paragraph under Resonance: Change to "They do this subtly, sometimes without speaking a word."

P. 16. Change the last sentence of the first paragraph to: "Their resonance allows them to feel the hopes and fears of those with whom they are in contact, and they have an understanding of what makes people tick (albeit with an idealistic tinge) that few Mercurians can match."

In the second paragraph, change the first sentence to: "Menunim are fond of keeping notebooks in which they record the lives of those they have touched, and all the hopes and fears which they perceive; when they encounter other Menunim, they read to each other from these books and compare notes."

In the third paragraph, change first sentence to, "The hope which a Menunite instills through Blandine's Choir Attunement is rarely earth-shattering."

Pp. 16-17. Replace the entire Dissonance section with:

It is dissonante for a Menunite to directly manipulate a human toward a given conclusion through any action in the corporeal world. They do not engage in mind games, or any form of direct manipulation. Engaging a human in conversation to move them toward some goal is forbidden; the Menunim see even the small happinesses granted by the Mercurians as being abrogations of a mortal's free will. Through dreams, they may act, or speak with mortals at great length, but during the day they must remain strangers.

One might ask a Menunite for advice, but it is never offered. Menunim see themselves as involved in the simple channeling of the Symphony's goodness - anything more than that may be dissonant, as it reveals a Menunite who places more value on his personal consciousness than on the universal will.

Note that Menunim have no problem communicating with Soldiers and other humans who are aware of the war, and of the genuine existance of celestial beings. Even so, Soldiers who ask a Menunite for advice about their personal lives are likely to get the cold shoulder and an admonition to walk their own path. Jimminy Cricket they're not.

Fallen Menunim join the ranks of Pachadim, Beleth's demons of Fear.

P. 17. In Manner and Appearance: After the first paragraph, add this paragraph (which was the last paragraph originally):

"In his celestial form, a Menunite is a vaporous cloud. They can coalesce a face within the cloud if they feel the need, but this is rare."

Change the second (now third) paragraph to:

"Among humans they dress conservatively, favoring gray, and avoid making an impression of any sort through clothing, speech, movement, or expression. When they maintain Roles, they are invariably at a low level. They do not wish to be noticed by anyone."

Add a final paragraph:

"In musical terms, Menunim might be the bassoons or double basses of an orchestra - they are rarely heard in solos, but without them no piece of orchestral music could be well rounded or complete."

Replace Game Mechanics with:

Menunim have the ability to perceive someone's personal hopes and fears. They are naturally drawn toward people who need a little hope . . . but everyone does.

In order to "read" someone, the Menunite must spend two minutes in their company, and make a Perception-based resonance roll. The results is in the boxed text of check digit results. Where the chart says "hope or fear," the GM may choose which to provide to the player.

Change the Menunim Check Digit Results box to:

1 . . . . You know the hope or fear that has most occupied the person over the last day.
2 . . . . You know both the hope and the fear that have most occupied the person over the last day.
3 . . . . You know the two hopes or fears that have most occupied the person over the past month.
4 . . . . You know the two hopes or fears that have most occupied the person over the past year.
5 . . . . You know the person's greatest hope and greatest fear.
6 . . . . You know the person's greatest hope, and his greatest fear. You can also hear the person's current thoughts, as they relate to a current hope or fear.

Change "Choir Attunement" to "Choir Attunement (restricted)." Remove the first paragraph and place it below the existing "intro text" on p. 15, just above "Resonance." Delete the second paragraph (Blandine provides, etc.). Change the third, remaining paragraph to:

The Menunim, Blandine's angels of Hope, automatically know how to inspire a flicker of hope in the heart of anyone they see. They may cause a target in the waking world, who must be within the angel's line of sight, to enter a momentary uplifting daydream. This may be all it takes to encourage someone who had given up on a problem to try one more time.

P. 19. Delete the parenthetical comment in the second paragraph. Michael and Baal do not share a word. Michael is "War" and Baal is "The War" (presumably the War against Heaven). A subtle distinction, but probably what saves them from the same madness as Gabriel and Belial.

P. 21. In Called on the Carpet, note that it is not possible to use celestial speech while in a vessel, save to those with a Distinction of War.

P. 23. Change the second sentence of Tethers to read "After she went into exile from Heaven, however, Gabriel discovered she had inspired more than one Tether by her very presence (and impact on the humans who saw her) - among these is a certain field near Bethlehem, which has since been lost and not yet relocated."

Under Tethers, replace "Mount Pele" with "Kilauea Crater".

P. 27. Jahaz has the Mercurian of Fire attunement. In the first sentence of his description, replace "Gabriel's Servitors" with "Blandine's Servitors".

Alurial and Mordekial have the Cherub of Destiny Choir attunement.

P. 44. Haagenti is hostile towards Belial; add " - for a stove!" to the end of her entry.

P. 46. The Call of the Dancing Flame attunement requires an opposed roll between the Demon's Will and the target's Will.

The Blackdraft attunement lasts for a number of rounds equal to a Will roll's check digit × 2, or until the demon releases it.

P. 48. Sergei Roskovich has the Calabite of Fire attunement.

P. 49. Kronos is a Prince, not an Archangel.

Pp. 51-73. The sorcery rules will be updated in the Corporeal Players' Guide.

P. 58. Under Summon/2, change "Gremlins, Imps and Familiars" to "gremlins, imps and demonic familiars".

P. 60. Focus/1: An ethereal or celestial spirit may attack the ward.

P. 62. Focus/4, third paragraph: Demons can rarely be held in such a fashion - anything possessing a Heart is simply unaffected. Spirits (or Heartless demons) may resist as described.

P. 63. The base characteristic for the Command Skill is Will.

Pp. 66-67. Replace the final paragraph on p. 66 with the following:

What can a sorcerer get out of such a bargain? A demon can offer power - either temporary (with the demon doing some favors), or more long-lasting, such as teaching the human a Song or giving him an artifact. A Word-bound demon may even be able to grant attunements or Rites! Also, demons know many thing, such as arcane lore. They're powerful in and of themselves. They have powerful friends.

P. 71. Note that a familiar is a spirit in a vessel by definition, while the others might only be able to appear celestially.

P. 80. Ethereals leaving the corporeal realm return to the ethereal, not celestial.

P. 82. In the first full paragraph, an ethereal weapon attack adds the weapon skill as well, and a defender may Dodge using Precision instead of Agility.

P. 84. In the second paragraph under Lucid Dreamers, the Dreaming skill can be used to create an effect like the Celestial Song of Dreams, not the Ethereal Song.

P. 92. In the first line of the right column in The Guardians of the Marches sidebar, Tahariel is a Master of the Armies of God.

P. 108. In the third paragraph under Dream Spirits, most Dream Spirits have the equivalent of Focus/2 in that they like to consume Essense from others.

P. 117. Typical Illusionist, Sorceror has Strength 3, Agility 5, and Will 7.

Under Typical Illusionist, Sorceror, change the fourth sentence to read "They use the Song of Entropy to age the boastful young." The Corporeal Song of Form cannot affect others, and does not make one's own face malleable either.

P. 118. Sosotris should have Celestial Forces - 5 Will 10 Perception 10.

P. 123. Eloisa should have Ethereal Forces - 5 Intelligence 10 Precision 10. Strike Light (Celestial/3) and give her Dreams (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/1).

P. 125. At the end of the second paragraph, Eloisa keeps her heart in Blandine's Tower.

In the next-to-last paragraph, delete the second sentence. Eli is not hard to drag into a game; he's the Archangel most likely to wander vaguely through the background at the GM's whim.

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