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Crew: Dread Pirate Roberta
Sample Cards

Designed by Fade Manley * Developed by Steve Jackson and Giles Schildt
Illustrated by Phil Foglio

108 full-color oversized cards, counters, rulesheet, and dice.
Suggested Retail Price $29.95 * Stock number 1390
ISBN 978-1-55634-738-2
In Production

SPANC Them All!

Life is good when you're a Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirl. Enjoy a life of larceny and mayhem as you embark on one Caper after another. Defeat every challenge the galaxy throws at you, from the Friendly Guard Puppies all the way to the Fiendish Death Trap. Pick up Toys (and the occasional Poolboy), grab more Loot than anyone else, and watch your tail . . . because the other catgirls want what you've got!

Lovingly illustrated by Phil Foglio, SPANC is a fast-paced card game of space pirates, amazons, ninja, and catgirls. All at once.


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