First Printing (November 1998)

Marsh – Gathering Table. The entry "13-14" should be "14-16."

Hills – Hunting Table. The entry for 16 should read "Large Deer." There is no possibility of accidentally slaughtering your spouse on this table.

Offspring Track – The last note at the end should read "At the end of each Cold season, move each Game Track counter up 2 squares (Hills & Forest) or 3 (Swamp & Veldt)."

Rules, p. 4. The third sentence under Group Hunting should start "He makes his own roll . . ."

Rules, p. 8. Under Violence, the "Injured" entry should read ". . . skip their next Work and Reproduction rounds . . ."

p. 8. Cannibalism: Round down in case of starvation. So a 7-year-old child who starved to death is worth only 3 food!

Q. You can be injured two ways – while hunting, or as a result of a bad Chance roll – and both say "miss next turn." These results come up at different parts of the turn. What constitutes the "next turn"?
A. Each of these results forces you to miss your next chance to hunt/gather/craft, and your next chance to reproduce. You emerge from the "injured" status as soon as you have missed one of each type of phase. The same holds true for sickness.


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