Rant Heard 'Cross The Galaxy

We picked this up a subspace channel normally used as a short-range navigational aid to ore carriers. The boys in INTEL still don't know quite what to make of it...

I want a new Triplanetary! With moving planets and big O'Neill cylinder cities
and spare crew in freezers and alien gravity polarizers and iceteroids and Swirly
Thing Alerts and lots of SDI-inspired equipment and cranky, dangerous antimatter
reaction drives and big Orion Bang Bang dreadnoughts and lots of testy, outsystem
governments and terrorists shoving dinosaur killers at the Earth and big spiky
Shadow ships with surface texture maps derived from extreme close-up shots of Ron
Thornton's dog's nose (amazing true fact) fading in and out of hyperspace while
they trash the Narns gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

-- Dr. Memory Somewhere in the Belt

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