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Steve Jackson's Appearances

Want to meet Steve? Here's a list of conventions he's attending, as well as other events where you can find him and say hello.

Our other staff members make appearances, too – click here for a complete list.

September 26-28, 2014
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

I'll be the Special Gaming Guest at FenCon XI. Other guests will include Eric Flint, Rich Sternbach, Timothy Zahn, and Ookla the Mok. My inner geek is quivering with anticipation, the more so since I picked up a stack of Flint's 1632 alternate-history books last month. I have read them all; I now require another stack.

The FenCon program book traditionally includes contributions from all the guests. I puzzled for a while about what I could do, and settled on (duh!) some game rules. Specifically, a possible rules tweak for Castellan and two new castle parts. Will there be an actual supplement for Castellan? Maybe. And if these ideas work out in play but a physical supplement can't make it onto the schedule, we can always do a PDF in Warehouse 23. Heck, in a very few years most of you will have access to a 3-D printer and will be able to make your own game parts.

FenCon designates a specific charity every year and raises donations through the auction and special events. This year's charity is the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County.

November 21-23, 2014
San Antonio, TX

A steampunk convention! Or "retro-futuristic," if you prefer. Within driving distance! So I can go in my not-at-all-steampunk-but-named-after-Nikola-Tesla car!

I have never been to a dedicated steampunk convention before, but I've had a great time at the steampunk tracks of events like Comicpalooza. And with a name like The San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association, how can these folks go wrong? And their guest of honor is Michael Moorcock!

I will also be demonstrating a game that, as of this writing, we have not announced . . . and I'm still not announcing it . . . but those of you who read this page are the first to get even a hint that we're working on something steamy and punky.

My only regret is that I doubt I'll have time to put together a proper outfit. But if not, I can visit the dealer room and invest in a few accessories!

May 8-11, 2015
Columbus, OH

It's amazing when a con makes it to #50, and I felt very honored when Marcon invited me back for their fiftieth year. I've been there twice before, and both times it was great.

In 1989 I got to meet Hal Clement! And the convention took all the guests on a museum tour to see the traveling exhibit of ancient Chinese sculpture and artifacts. I still have posters on my wall from that show.

In 2005 we took the Chaos Machine, and John Kovalic was there, and Dr. Demento was the DJ for the dance and I did the Macarena, and all in all it could hardly have been more awesome.

So we'll see what happens this time. Among the returning guests are Barry and Sally Childs-Helton. I liked their music in 1989, and since they're still rocking, I'll still be liking.

Trip Reports
August 14-18, 2014

Worldcon is approaching fast, and this year it's in London. I have not visited London nearly enough times. I'm not sure you CAN visit London enough times.

Highlights of the show for me will include:

• Many, many panels, on both SF/fantasy and science subjects. London has two great universities within its boundaries and two more nearby, not to mention several world-class museums; the pool of available speakers was both deep and wide.

• Live theater, including a Girl Genius radio play performed by the Foglios, an adaptation of Tim Powers' The Anubis Gates, and direct assaults on Shakespeare from at least two directions.

• A large dealer room with at least four different game stores. So I get to meet some retailers, and who knows what new or old stuff I might pick up . . . and, of course, there will be a LOT of book dealers, so a lot of books will come home with me.

• Random discussions. At Worldcon, more than anywhere, it is important to read the nametags, whether you're at a panel, attending a party, or just walking through the halls. You never know when you'll run into an author that you want to thank . . . or a friend you haven't seen for 20 years, who doesn't look quite the way you remember!

So: It will be fun. If you're coming, look for my nametag, and say hi!

June 11-15, 2014
Schaumberg, IL

I wore both my pro and fan hats at Brickworld. With my fan hat on, I marveled at the amazing LEGO exhibits and helped at the combined PennLUG/TBRR train layout. With my pro hat on, I supported the Crazy Bricks "Munchkin Bricks" project. (Check out the Crazy Bricks Kickstarter site here – it ended at nearly 400% of its original goal, and hit lots of stretch goals!) I did Q&As, signed things (for an amazing number of gamers!) and generally had a good time.

April 5, 2014

Steve Jackson Teaching Ogre

Like last year, I celebrated TableTop Day at Wonko's in Austin. Games were played. I got to walk a couple of really nice kids through the basic Ogre scenario. We had a lot of spectators, and the Ogre ended up destroying absolutely everything. There was some serious killer instinct at work. Also, hilariously, the Ogre player kept thinking out loud about what he would do next, and the defense kept believing what he said, and then the Ogre would look at the board and change his mind. Ogres are sneaky! And Ogres are very bad news even after you shoot their guns off. But, full disclosure: during the endgame, the defender was NOT getting the die rolls he needed, and he was a great sport about it and fought to the bitter end. We had a lot of spectators for that game, and everyone had a good time.

That wasn't our only TableTop Day goodness. Our MIBs held events all over the place. The link is to a forum that (as I write this) is nine pages long, full of event listings, and not just in the US – we were gaming in Brazil, Korea, Russia, UK, Mexico . . .

March 29-30, 2014
Irving, TX (near Dallas)

Gamer This was a local event created by Tiffany Franzoni and her Roll2Play troupe. It was launched as a Kickstarter project and succeeded. It succeeded as an event, too! By Sunday, a lot of the attendees were twisting Tiffany's arm to make it a continuing thing. Being a businesswoman as welll as a fangirl, Tiffany replied "Let me crunch the numbers first." But this is the kind of convention that the hobby needs – strong local roots, friendly management, and huge amounts of open gaming!

There were also a lot of guests for an event that size! They included Kevin Nunn (who is the man to blame for Duck! Duck! Go!), Keith Baker (prolific designer in several genres, and most recently responsible for Gloom), and my friends Justin and Anne-Marie De Witt, also known as Fireside Games. I got to play their Munchkin Panic for the first time. SO MUCH FUN. And we did many, many rounds of Munchkin Loot Letter, the upcoming Love Letter reskin from Alderac.

And at the last minute Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo was added to the guest list. Rick's probably my oldest friend in the whole hobby, and it was great to see him.

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